Apple To Release iOS 4.0.1 Today?


Yesterday Apple pushed out the first beta of iOS 4.1, which brought various software enhancements. Later on in the day, Apple announced a surprise press conference regarding the iPhone 4 for this Friday.

Today, claims that iOS 4.0.1 will be released some time today. The report cites a “reliable” source for the supposed leak. It is hard to say how credible the news is but the site has correctly predicted previous Apple updates.

iOS 4.0.1 would likely not include the full feature enhancements that iOS 4.1 included and will probably include only bug fixes surrounding the new signal strength indicators.

I guess we’ll wait and see.



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  • roadcarver

    The 4.01 update changes only includes a new signal strength bitmap LOL!

  • coop

    I love the eBay auction for iTape…

    Scroll down to the slide show at the bottom of the auction screen.


  • Ex


  • Craig Malanka

    Any word on whether 4.0.1 will address issues with the new operating system running on an iPhone 3G? i.e. fixing the slowdown.

  • wuju

    So funny. Thanks for the link 🙂

  • Isn't 4.1 supposed to bring the iPhone and iPad to the same firmware? Unless they're doing minor fixes first, I think 4.1 is the next release.

  • rorypiper

    I think all we'll get in 4.0.1 is the signal bars fix. I don't think every one should rush to update. Especially if you jailbreak/unlock, stay away from this.

  • Silent Montreal

    iOS 4.0.1 is available right now on iTune….