Disappearing iPod Music With iOS 4.2 On iPhone? Here’s A Fix!


With iOS 4.2 rolling out and millions of iDevices installing the new firmware, a major iPod related issue has been identified.

Some iPhone users on iOS 4.2 are reporting that after installing the firmware, their iPod music libraries are empty! In other words, even though they have synced all of their music, the music library on the iPhone indicates “No Content”.

Well, just as fast as the issue was identified, a quick fix has been found by users. The music just needs to be re-synced. Check it out below:

1.) Connect iPhone to iTunes via the Apple USB cable.

2.) Select the iPhone and a music playlist and play a song on the iPhone itself from iTunes.

3.) Click the “Sync” button to re-sync the iPhone.

4.) Open the iPod application on the iPhone to rebuild the music library.

If you’ve been having issues with your iPod library on iOS 4.2 with iPhone, let us know in the comments if the above fix helps.

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  • Zirak25

    Only problem is, when I reload my old library it loads all of my music from my playlist fine, But when I sync them. It always ends up being 62 songs instead of 122.

  • Vince

    I had the issue and just sync’d it and was fine.

  • Kevinsmith05

    Dont even re-sync, just connect your phone and look at the music list on iTunes on the phone, and just play a track it’ll make the phone recognize all the music on the phone

  • Tenoarman

    It was kinda weird that my library said: “No Content”, but while I was staring at it; nowhere near my desktop, it did it’s own thing and my playlists appeared. :o) My ancient iPhone 3G…

  • Eyal514

    Same thing happens to photo library…I turned off and on iPhone, plugged and without syncing I accessed the apps and the libraries rebuilt themselves. Sucks I had to wait to go home…had no music all day!

  • Gcgp88

    Had a scare with that this morning… But as others said, I fixed it by plugging it back in and selecting some music. I thought all my songs were gone till I noticed they still are counted in the About screen. Weird. Also I’m glad it didn’t just happen to me 😛

  • Me

    This happened to me even in 4.1…. nothing new here…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I saw this a bunch of times with 4.0 and/or 4.1. Nice to see the typing speed bug is worse than 4.1, pfff!!

  • Nick

    Why is it that with each software update something that used to work fine stops working? When I got the iPhone 4 my Rogers voicemail greeting stopped working properly. The problem is that often when I restart the phone it goes back to the ‘default’ greeting, so i need to remember to make it the custom greeting on each restart. Rogers explained that this only happens when people have changed their plans since OS 4 and needs to be fixed by a carrier update, but it’s been since 4.0 and there is still no carrier update to fix this, i seem to still have the problem on 4.1

  • Cshupe2

    i changed the signin email adress on my itunes and i dunno what happend all the purchase history is gone dont k now if i indirectly made a new account but now i cant get into my account and cant use any of my purchase content if any1 can help youll be my savior

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Android app creators can solve this problem skillfully, because Android update now and then.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why, but none of this happened to me…

  • Schwartzm

    Happened to me, strange thing the bar showed I still had all the songs there. Did the above and poof everything was back where it belonged.

  • Clinton S.

    Also i just tried this as well. If you have recently purchased something on your iPhone and havent backed it up yet. Plug it into the computer and then right click on Transfer Purchases. Then what you bought will transfer to the computer and sync your iPhone. Everything popped up afterwards like new.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah every time there is a firmware update I cringe when I am download and installing as what will happen “this time”!!
    I had the same thing with my ipod app empty in my iphone. I just resynced and it came back. But I see this morning I am missing a podcast that shows as new that didn’t transfer over.
    Thankfully most of these issues are fixable.

  • Chrisebourg

    We have 2 Iphones in our households. Both of them are 3GS running IOS 4.1. I recently updated them to 4.2. One of them was fine – a little sluggish after install but no disappearing Ipod contents. The other one, ont he other hand, I had to re-synch the music as even though it’s contents were there, no music could be found. Very weird but okay now.

  • Benjamin

    Thanks iPhone in Canada – worked for me.

  • Djohn

    Happened to me. Shouldn’t have to re-sync.