iOS 4.2 Reveals Hidden Volume Slider For iPhone/iPod touch


Earlier this week, Apple released the GM seed of iOS 4.2, which among other features, brought a volume and brightness slider to the iPad. At the time, it was believed the sliders were iPad only.

After a little searching, it seems that the iPhone/iPod touch on iOS 4.2 had the volume slider the whole time! It was hidden!

The volume slider is accessible in the multitasking dock all the way to the left. The first slide to the left takes you to the iPod controls and orientation lock, but if you slide once more, the volume slider is revealed.

Furthermore, AirPlay is now easily accessible on iPhone/iPod touch next to the volume slider on the multitasking dock!

Thanks to @neodoru for the heads-up!


  • Swickedman

    I just tried that and I am not seeing the slider. I am only running Ios 4.1 though.

  • Steve


  • Ex


  • JD

    BAH, i dont care about the volume slider. i want the brightness control, that was honestly the only reason i jailbroke my iphone 3g back in the day. I hate having to wait for the “auto brightness” to pick up and adjust the screen…. lately ive just kept my phone at 100% illumination so that i can read it while outside in direct sunlight, but MAN does my phone get hot after gaming.

    Come on apple, bring the brightness slider to the 4!

  • It’s for iOS 4.2 😉

  • BS

    There are also new sounds for text message alerts

  • Flaxx

    I never adjust my brightness, but i totally agree with you. At least use a slider for things that require menu’s, etc to get to. Put some SBSettings-like switches to enable/disable wifi/bluetooth or add a brightness slider.. How is a volume slider (double click home, slide finger right, slide finger right, adjust…) convenient compared to pressing physical buttons?

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if this a “convenient” spot for the slider. With Folders, Infinifolder, and Infiniboard, I only have one page of apps. It would be just as easy to open the iPod app, and adjust the slider there. Just my opinion.

  • Volume slider is nice, but what I think would have been better is 3 to 4 toggle switches.
    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, Airplane mode, or other similar option, perhaps letting you choose.

  • Frenchyroast

    Be nice if this screen was a slider screen: volume, brightness, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Unlike everybody else I’m fine with the volume slider being where it is and I’m excited about the Airplay thing. But like everybody else I have an idea for how it could be better. It’s so good that Steve may have to pay me for it:

    Give us the option of a “Control Panel” when swiping left from the home screen, instead of the current Spotlight Search. This screen could have all the music controls, plus the brightness slider, orientation locks (yes, lockS), radio switches, it could even have the text window of of the Spotlight Search and when you tap on that you move into the same old search screen.

  • Megavidiot

    What’s the point of this slider? I have a physical button on the outside of my phone. This is stupid.

    Off topic, one month into my first iPhone and lovin it!

  • Orrisachar


  • Orrisachar

    Thats a great idea…they could call it Mission Control!!!

  • Mddg

    hey guys. will 4.2 fix the proximity issue. please somebody let me know. i am sick of talking with the headphones. everything else is cosmetic.

  • Ex

    iOS 4.1 patched that.

  • Mddg

    hey ex. it didnt. at least not for my iphone 4. the screen constantly turns on and off..

  • Ex


    I would try a restore because iOS 4.1 definitely focused on the proximity sensor.

  • Mddg

    thank u. will try it. i know a bunch of ppl who have the same issue. i also found numerous articles online which talk abt the same.

  • if the issue is still there after the 4.1 update then no. The issue has been “resolved”
    My friend complains about the same issues, but when i use his phone i have no problem.
    He takes my phone, all of a sudden my phone is now experiencing the issues when he uses it.
    I have come to the realization that perhaps how people are holding it to their face might be PART of the problem.

  • Mddg

    if you hold the phone so the sensor is on one of the ridges in your ear then no problem. but casually holding the phone to your ear the screen of the phone will turn on and off. never experienced this with older iphones. possibly the new location of the sensor is the problem. i wish the sensor was a little more powerful so that placement was not important or that i could shut the screen of while using it. i dont mind pressing the sleep button to turn screen on and off while on a call, just as an alternative, for those of us who are holding it the wrong way.

  • Yes. Perhaps man and machine should share the blame? Lol