iOS 4 Direct Download Links Now Available


The day you’ve been waiting for is here folks: iOS 4 is now LIVE in iTunes. This latest firmware is free for all iPhones (except iPhone 2G) and iPod Touch models (2G/3G). The biggest feature awaiting users is the ability for multitasking, which is limited to the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G.

Love your Jailbreak? Hold Off For a Minute…

As always, if you’re in love with your jailbreak, do NOT update to iOS 4 in iTunes. This is the same old story. Wait for the Dev Team to release their updated jailbreak tools. It’s going to happen in the next 24 hours.

iOS 4 Direct Download Links

Don’t see the update in iTunes just yet? Click on the download links below and get started right away!

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4 (Canadians, don’t cry k?)

iPod Touch 2G
iPod Touch 3G

Thanks to TUAW for posting the links.


  • Gtasscarlo

    Os 4.0 is awesome on my 3GS I'm surprised how quick is it and run safari and switch over flawless to differnt apps huge time saver

  • Vas

    Crap…I have to wait until I get home to update πŸ™

  • johnny

    I updated to iOS4 and now my phone says “Invalid SIM” =S
    ..I don't need an unlock for my phone because I'm with Bell on a contract

    any ideas?

  • Ben Senise

    iOS4 on my 3G has broken ALL of my third party apps!!! Not one single app works!!! This is a disaster.

  • Francois

    anyone able to get iBooks running on their iphone's ? itunes let me download it but for some reason it doesn't show up afterwards in my list of apps. weird.

  • roadcarver

    I may have to hold off until OS4 is 'stable'. I'm still at 3.1.2 :p

  • Bryan

    i had the gm 4.0 on my 3g with multitasking and backgrounds enabled. It was HORRIBLE, slowest thing I have ever used.
    I reverted back to 3.1.3 and it is smoking fast.
    Just in the process of installing the proper 4.0 without the multitasking etc and Im hoping it will be just as fast.

  • CN

    Same problem, can anyone help us?

  • BigDaddy

    The iPod app seems to be the most broken for me πŸ™ That and several 3rd party apps. This site used to push IM+ pretty hard, but it needs a serious update for iOS4. Those are two of the major problems.

  • guest

    Just upgraded. don't know if it's iOS 4, or the Rogers network update that came shortly after it (separate accept button), but I no longer have data.

  • haha maybe I will hold off on a couple hours to update my phone, things sound tripy right now

  • kimierin

    i want to do the update, but if it's slow, then it isn't worth it to me….

  • Maverick Lam

    I may want to hold off until tomorrow…..

  • Jason

    After reading whats below Im scared to update my 3G now. LOL !!!!!!!

  • norules

    Just installed iOS4 on my 3GS and so far the only problem I found is the GPS and compass aren't working properly anymore, doesn't find my location!!!!

  • norules

    All album art are showing up for the wrong albums in the iPod app… sigh

  • Ben Senise

    I did a total restore and all is well again. that was scary. I wonder what happened during the install that broke everything.

  • backbeat

    Try to download any free app and then try your 3rd party apps again.

  • kiwi

    been running iOS 4 since the first Betas. Works well on 3GS.
    Dissappointed Apple does not implement a better bluetooth stack andAVRCP

  • Kazakb

    well i just put iOS 4.0 on my 3G, and it looks pretty nice. it seems much faster and smoother. but multi tasking would have been nice πŸ˜›

  • Ftheroux

    The iOS 4 update is fantastic. Went from 7 homescreens to just 2 using folders.

    And direct download links are a great way to be able to download and install the update while at work behind a restrictive firewall.

  • Ftheroux

    Have they improved the audio delay when using A2DP? I remember giving up using my Sony stereo bluetooth headphones when I switched to 3GS because of the lag between audio and video.

  • I no longer have data, either. Just spent the better part of an hour with a Fido rep, and it appears I'm not the only one. They asked me all sorts of questions and opened up a ticket number, so hopefully this problem will be sorted in the next day or so.

  • guest

    I lost data too, I put my phone into recovery mode, and let it do it's thing and everything is working now.

  • guest

    Me again:
    I put my phone into recovery mode, and let it do it's thing and everything is working now.

  • Landry89

    so multi-tasking isn't working for me, when i double tap the home button and choose and app to resume, the app reloads from the beginning.. anyone else having same issues?

  • Xaroc

    I personally have used all 5 releases of OS4 it's stable, we made sure it was by reporting all bugs like any other release by apple.

  • Xaroc

    The iPhone dose multitasking now, but developers need to update there apps to support it now. Multitasking currently only works on original iPhone apps that come with the phone YouTube, notes, mail, ect.

  • Xaroc

    Yes they have. I use bluetooth headphones too. Much better now

  • Xaroc

    Today or tomorrow. The update will be the same.

  • Xaroc

    For all those having issues, please backup, then Restore your phone. It has fixed every problem so far for everyone I have talked to today.

  • nbrunner

    Works like a charm. No problem with my GPS but my 2Do isn't synching with my MacBook.

  • roadcarver

    Thx Xaroc. Any experiences with 3G? This is the iphone that I currently have πŸ™‚

  • Smoke

    No problems with me. Nice upgrade, seems to run a lot smoother on my 3GS. Can't wait to find all the new features.

  • Xaroc

    By my own hands no, I own a 3GS. My wife has a 3G, and she is running
    iOS4 flawlessly. No multitasking of course, but she said she noticed
    it was slightly fast. No errors to report from her. I hope you take
    the step forward πŸ™‚ you will be pleased

  • chantellejoy

    iPhone 4 (Canadians, donÒ€ℒt cry k?)
    *sniff sniff* o..k.. *wimper*

  • Aloombox

    Hey, here in Toronto started my download at 12.05 am, it took 8 mins to download and by 12.35, I was all done! Everything went smoothly, all is well so far! I LOVE the new OS.

  • Darrwing34

    my screen goes black after ending a call…have to press sleep/wake button and then it goes back to lockscreen…anyone else have this issue?

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  • Itscliffj53

    I have a 3G and when I try to install i40 it gets stuck baking up my data. Hours go by and I have to cancel. Whats up with that?

  • mackman6151

    I'm having the same issue.

    are you jailbroken? if so,. must be issues with jailbreak settings. backup via a regular sync and then restore (you can restore to the new iOS4). you should then be able to restore to that backup.

  • roadcarver

    I think I will esp with the JB option now available. Hopefully backgrounder still works πŸ™‚

  • roadcarver

    Maybe the devteam can open up the iOS4 to allow 3G to have native multitasking as well πŸ™‚

  • Xaroc

    I'm very sure they will, if they haven't altready

  • riceboy

    The guys on Gizmodo did a comprison of the iOS4 on a 3GS vs 3G…brutal. I'm sticking with 3.1.3

  • Xaroc

    Everyone has their own choice, and I respect yours. But… Fact vs.
    Fiction, and lots of people report it working smoother, now that's a
    fact :P.

  • andrewboarder

    Wow I installed 4.0 yesterday and got rid of that crap first thing this evening. Back to 3.1.3. On my 3G everything was considerably slower and not worth the update for such few improvements (the folders were cool but I dont need them…only really impressive thing I found was a much better email interface). Anywho, don't know if other people had problems like me with their 4.0 but sounds like there have been many complaints.

  • Xaroc

    That's very odd. I personally have experienced good things while I
    hear other experienced bad. I'm seeing a very mixed reaction. It's a
    shame the experience wasn't better for you.

    Sent from my iPad

  • Feithmike

    i had blackrain and went to cydia and got ultrasnow i have tmobile and did itunes update and now phone says emergency calls only wirh itunes saying not supported sim and cant get to restore. pleasssseeeee helpppp

  • jackal

    My Iphone 3G was running slower after I upgraded to IOS4. It froze about an hour ago and I did a reset (hold home button and standby button, until it powered off). It took awhile to turn back on, but once it did, it's running a lot faster now. Programs seem more responsive.

  • Xaroc

    Great to hear your found an easy solution. Hopefully others who were
    posting similar problems will try this, and hopes they will have the
    same luck.

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