iOS Clock App Bug Prevents New Year’s Alarms


A Macworld report, with evidence from Engadget, today briefly details a bug found in the iOS clock app that reportedly prevents non-recurring alarms from properly activating on New Years day.

I was able to confirm this after a couple of false starts. For the bug to show itself, your iOS device must actually tick over from 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2010 to 12:00 a.m. on January 1, 2011.

The good news is that there is a work around. Apparently, for now, users should set up their alarm as a recurring event. Otherwise, alarms may not go off when scheduled or expected.

In any case, be aware of the potential issues if you use your iPhone as your alarm clock.



  • Mohammed

    Ya I tried it and it does not work

  • Rup


  • Rubayed

    I had work from 7am today and thanks to an incidental phone call I have received, otherwise I would had never woken up due to my iPhone alarm not ringing! I hope it’s only for January 1st!

  • Phayzer

    I think its the newest firmware cause a friend of mine is on 3.1.2 or something like that and his works

  • Teal

    I had no problem with my iPhone alarm going off this morning at 7am

  • ItalianWing

    The same problem happened last year. We had to re-set the alarm in the new year.

  • Brmack

    The alarm on my iPhone 3GS did not go off this morning.

  • Nick

    So is that just today, or will alarms not work for any day in the future?

  • it seems to be a problem with specific day alarms, and if its reoccurring event like everyday at 7am, then it should work. Thats why some people haven’t noticed it.

  • W_elvin_Mauricio

    I was an hour late for work this morning. my boss ripped me a new one, blamed it on apple.

  • Craig

    I was wondering why my alarms didn’t go off this morning… Good thing I have an alarm clock set as well…

  • Aloombox

    I was wondering why my alarm didn’t go off! Thank goodness it wasn’t a work day, not that I would case but I do rely on it. How does one fix this? Just reset the alarm?

  • James

    Almost lost my flight this morning… I use my iPhone alarm every morning to wake up, and this morning it didn’t work. First I didn’t understand it wasn’t working… And then I though, maybe it’s a sign we shouldn’t take the plane… But once at the airport I checked the forum and was relieved…

  • Teal

    Um, ok all this info and comments are fine…BUT, how does one fix this issue!?

  • Will

    A permanent fix will likely have to come from Apple, however the interim fix is that you must change your Alarm to be a recurring alarm (goes off certain days, e.g. Mon, Tue, … Fri) instead of scheduling it every night to go off the next morning. I confirmed that on latest firmware and 3GS.

  • Orlando Barone

    Bug reared itself on my iPhone 4 for a non-recurring alarm, set for today, January 3rd – almost made me late for work!