iPhone 3GS 3.1 Firmware: Jailbreak Update


During last week’s Apple iPod Event, Steve Jobs announced the release of iPhone OS 3.1 (or three-dot-one as called by Steve Jobs). This latest firmware brought a multitude of new features, including the ability to rearrange homescreens and icons using the new iTunes 9.

What About iPhone 3GS Owners + 3.1 Firmware?

However, if you’re an iPhone 3GS owner (that cares about jailbreaking/unlocking) and you read the iPhone Dev Team’s warning regarding installing 3.1, you’ve probably been waiting patiently for an update to jailbreaking tools. Such tools like PwnageTool and redsn0w.

Well, we all know that the Dev Team is working hard on getting these updates out quickly. Personally, I have not updated to 3.1 just yet because I would like to keep my 3GS unlocked and I care about having a jailbroken iPhone. Why do I care? Well, for starters having a jailbroken iPhone (of any generation) adds incredible functionality and customization that Apple doesn’t allow. An unlocked iPhone is fantastic to have for traveling too!

The Latest 3.1 Jailbreak Developments Answered on Twitter

If you’re not on twitter, you’re missing out on interacting with some interesting people out there. Take for example, the iPhone Dev Team, and in particular, member MuscleNerd. I took the time to provide you with some of the Q&A he’s been answering lately regarding 3.1 firmware and jailbreaking. Here are some responses to public questions directed to MuscleNerd via twitter:


Q: are you guys only working on pwnage tool for 3.1 or are you working on redsn0w too?
MuscleNerd: pwnagetool will be first because it’s the only way to keep the 3G/3GS unlock

Q: r u guys working on the pwnage tool yet?!
MuscleNerd: yep it’s currently being worked on..we avoid giving ETAs ever since the yellowsn0w crunch of 12/31/08 πŸ™‚

Q: But we still shouldn’t install iPhone OS 3.1, because of the baseband upgrade will prevent future unlocking?
MuscleNerd: right…3G+3GS unlockers must still stay far away from official 3.1. There’s no known way to revert from 3.1’s 3G+3GS baseband.

And not to forget about our iPhone 2G pioneers…here’s some good 3.1 info for you!

Q: Can I upgrade my iPhone 2G to 3.1 without losing my unlock? I don’t care about the JB yet. Pls reply.
MuscleNerd: yep! iphone 2g users with valid at&t sim (even if it’s not active) can go to 3.1 now, get jb+unlocked later.

Q: Is it safe to use #iPhone2G with #iTunes9 ? Urgent!
if your iphone 2G is already JB, then yep iTunes 9 won’t break it. You won’t be able to organize your screens, etc though.

Q: How Does OS 3.1 Affect iPhone 2G Owners?
MuscleNerd: iPhone 2G jailbreakers are the least affected by this firmware update (as usual).

So there you have it folks. Progress is being made, albeit not in the timely fashion that everyone expects on the internet. These guys are doing this incredible work because they enjoy it, and on top of that it’s work they do on the side. We don’t know when the ETA will come for PwnageTool/redsn0w, but I bet it will be a timed release slated for the one week anniversary of 3.1 firmware. πŸ˜‰

Anyone else out there itching to update to 3.1? Wait a bit longer…the jailbreak will come!


  • 1His_Nibs1

    So if I've already downloaded the 3.1 update I baisically will never be able to unlock the iphone? ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!! This might sound like a dumb question but is jailbreaking/unlocking the same? And if not can I still unlock my phone or by downloading the 3.1 update have I screwed myself on that too? Thanks……..I think. lol!

  • You need to jailbreak to unlock the iPhone. Right now, the theory is that 3.1 will prevent unlocking since there's a baseband update. However, with time I'm sure there will be a workaround–there always has been! If I were you, just hold on for the ride…hhaaha

  • 1His_Nibs1

    (fingers crossed) Thanks iphoneincanada.

  • Dusty

    iPhone 3.1FW user's will soon be free with a Jailbreak! πŸ™‚

  • phantom2772332

    if I installed 3.1 on 3gs by Shift + update without downloading it from itunes will it be unjailbreakable ??

  • Yes

  • koz7

    If you have a iphone 3g you can downgrade from firmware 3.1 back to 3.0.1 or 3.0. I installed 3.1 firmware the day it came out and used the latest quickpwn tool to downgrade. There is a video in youtube for it. Its kinda weird how it works because the tool says it dosent support 3.0 firmware but as long as you do the reboot with the message on your computer screen you can downgrade an iphone 3g. I am not sure about the iphone 3gs.

  • koz7

    Type this in youtube “How TO DOWNGRADE iPhone or iPodTouch 3.1 firmware to 3.0.1/3.0 EASY WAY”, very nice video and easy step by step to downgrade from 3.1 firmware for iphone 3g users. you will need to downgrade itunes to 8.2.1 if you have a newer version. All links are there for you in description.
    Hope this helps someone like it helped me.

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  • sam

    hey i hve bought new iphone 3gs 3.1
    did ur unlocker works on it

  • chris

    how about itouch 2G

  • chris

    how about itouch 2G

  • Lecutos

    I just got a new Iphone 3GS and it came with FW 3.1 installed… is there any way that I can downgrade the FW so that I can jailbreak and unlock the phone ???
    Or do i have to wait for the Dev team to release redsnow for the FW 3.1 ??
    I hope I can do this… I hate having a new iphone 3gs that I cant use… It is a Rogers Iphone and I use a Fido Chip ….
    Any help would be great.. TIA.