Nintendo to Launch Wii Mini Exclusively in Canada on Dec. 7


Nintendo has hit hard times as the proliferation of cheap and instant-on smartphone titles such as Angry Birds have taken away their piece of the gaming pie. The company will not release titles to iOS (we’re still hoping for Mario one day), but a while back they launched their first paid iOS app, Pokedex, released by a developer studio they owned.

Now, it appears Nintendo wants to keep their legacy Wii alive by releasing an all new console exclusively in Canada (leaked earlier by notes Engadget)–the Wii Mini for $99, on December 7th.

Nintendo wii mini

The catch with this cheap $99 console? It lacks Wi-Fi, but will play regular Wii disc titles. It’s rare for Canada to get an exclusive like this, so all we can say now is “FIRST!”

Who’s interested in this $99 Wii Mini? Or will you stick to your iPad for gaming?


  • crosseyed_mofo

    first post complaining that this isnt iphone related 🙂

  • LOL

  • jabohn

    Nearly everyone who wants a Wii already has one.

  • Olley

    friend of mine saw a family bought a pre-owned wii at EBgames last week…

  • arhyno

    we actually bought our daughter a wii the other day for a christmas gift. console was on sale for 98$ with a 60$ game inside, cant go wrong really. why the wii? she likes the dance and singing games lol. cant go wrong for a 38$ console really. and i can hack it and stick games in it. really for girls ages 6 and up, its the perfect console.