1080p Camera Sensor To Be Featured In The Next iPhone?


Engadget reports that OmniVision Technologies, Apple’s current supplier of CMOS (camera) sensors for iOS devices, has announced a 5-megapixel camera sensor that is able to record 1080p video.

For the iPhone, this new camera sensor would deliver video capabilities to 1080p from the current 720p. However, this is contrary to recent rumors/expectations which report the next iPhone as featuring an 8-megapixel camera.

If the next iPhone ends up not featuring an 8-megapixel camera and instead stays with 5-megapixels, but features 1080p video, is that a worthy upgrade for you?



  • Sparky

    I definitely want an 8-megapixel camera on back and at least a 1.3-megapixel on front (2 would be nice). 1080p would be expected with the 8 I think. If it stays as 5 but gets 1080p it’s better than nothing. The thing I dislike the most about iPhone video is the aspect ratio (I believe that’s what it would be). If played on a tv or computer it’s so narrow and tall (or long and narrow depending upon how it’s held(not sexual)). I understand the required playback on the iPhone screen but something should be done about that.

  • In my opinion, the 720p sensor works perfectly. I’m able to create videos that I would call inspiring. I don’t feel the need to upgrade to 1080p yet. I hardly have enough space for apps alone on my 16gb iPhone 4, I couldn’t imagine taking videos in 1080p on a device that doesn’t feature external storage.

    On the other hand, unlike video recording capabilities, I’ve always felt that cameras on phones in general take awful photos (compared to dedicated cameras, especially in non-ideal conditions). And it’s not because of the amount of megapixels. I just wish they would stick with 5 mp, 720p (or maybe 1080p if they release 64gb iPhones) and improve it’s photo taking abilities by adding things like a xenon flash. But we know that won’t happen in the war for more megapixels in photos, and higher resolution in videos.

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  • Wuju

    Perfectly happy with 720p, would like the megapixel to be better on the front and back but keeping the noise down is most important with a fast lens.

  •  720p to 1080p how many people will really notice the difference in resolution? 

    Sure they keep bumping up the megapixels but it’s still a fixed length lens. And optics themselves will never be great because of the small space they have to them.
     I went form the 3G to the 4 and I do love the quality of the 4’s camera. But still, it has nothing on my dSLRs or even my compact digicams. I’m happy with the 720p, but I haven’t off-loaded any video yet. (guess being on windows hurts for that eh). 

    People assume that more megapixels the better, well it’s not the only factor. Look at the Nikon D3s, it’s 12MP whereas the Canon 7D is 18MP. But if you have used either of them (i have) the D3s at 12MP takes MUCH nicer photos than the 7D with 18MP.

    btw didn’t I hear that Sony was making the next iPhone’s camera sensor or something? (though wouldnt that go against their Sony-Ericsson division?)

  • Vazandrew

    I mostly agree with your comments. However, I think the iPhone 4 takes more than adequete pictures. Obviously it’s not going to compete with DSLR’s but also take into account what the poster says below because he is right. 

  • coop

     I’d rather have better pixels (better noise rejection, and lower light capabilities) than more pixels.  I hope they stay away from packing more pixels into such a small chip, and concentrate on making the response better.

  • coop

     I’d rather have better pixels (better noise rejection, and lower light capabilities) than more pixels.  I hope they stay away from packing more pixels into such a small chip, and concentrate on making the response better.

  • Asdf

    It would take way more than that to make me want to upgrade from iPhone 4 to 5. Unless the optics are much improved, the marginal improvement in picture quality is probably not worth the additional file size.

  • MrAnonymous

    The difference between 720P vs 1080P isn’t noticeable on the iPhones tiny screen.  But it is when played back on a 50″ HDTV you can certainly tell the difference.

    Yup, anything above 8MP with a small censor is just filled with noise.  The increased MP is just a marketing ploy to increase sales.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the difference is noticeable on larger screens, but without optical image stabilization the resulting video usually isn’t worth watching at that size anyway.

    You *could* “stabilize” it afterwards digitally, most people wouldn’t bother. And if you’re going to rig it up with a steadicam device, you may as well carry a dedicated P&S camera with 1080p video recording and optical IS anyway.

    Agree with limiting the megapixels on a phone camera–what’s the point when the image sensor is that small?

  • Guest

    There’s an app for that! You can record a video with an app that seems like your using a steadycam! Wish I could remember the name.