2011 Predictions: White iPhone 4, iOS 5.0, iPad 2, iPhone 5


With 2011 among us, that only means one thing….it is time to look forward to the white iPhone 4, the iPhone 5, the second-generation iPad, and iOS 5.0!

White iPhone 4

The white iPhone 4 is like the unicorn of the Apple world. The device was made but never released due to numerous problems with the white casing and camera lens. In recent months however, Apple has confirmed that the device will be out by Spring 2011, but that means we’ll be getting an iPhone 4 that is almost a year old with a new iPhone coming this summer!

With 2011 here, we will finally find out the status of the elusive white iPhone 4.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5. The name strikes happiness and joy into the hearts of Apple fans. Imagine what it could bring:

  • Higher resolution display
  • 32GB/64GB storage sizes
  • Thinner design
  • Faster processor
  • Black/White colors
  • Shaver
  • Higher resolution cameras
  • New features such as using the iPhone as a modem
  • Coffee Maker
  • 4G speeds

Imagine the possibilities!

The iPhone has typically had a one year release cycle every summer in Canada, so we should see the iPhone 5 this Summer 2011:

  • iPhone: June 29, 2007 (Not officially available in Canada)
  • iPhone 3G: July 11, 2008
  • iPhone 3GS: June 19: 2009
  • iPhone 4: July 30, 2010
  • iPhone 5: June/July xx, 2011

It’s coming soon!

iPad 2

Of the family of iOS devices, the iPad will be the first product that will see a refresh in 2011. There have been numerous rumors about the second-generation iPad:

  • Higher resolution display
  • Thinner design
  • Larger speaker
  • Faster processor
  • Front and back cameras
  • Larger storage

There have been a lot of rumors recently, with leaked iPad 2 cases being revealed and then quickly pulled over the last two weeks. However, rumors or not, the next-generation iPad is expected this Spring 2011 with a release announcement this January!

iOS 5

Aside from the .x.x releases of iOS, iOS 5.0 will be the next major firmware update for iOS devices. What will it bring? Only time will tell, but it is sure to be released this Spring or Summer 2011!

What are your Apple 2011 predictions?


  • CarGuyGTI

    I’m hoping to see a car radio come out, mine needs an update, hopefully compatible with all iDevices. And ability to use those voice recognition engineers they hired for hands free texting. 🙂 Am I being too hopeful?

  • Peter

    Shaver, lol!

  • Markaaronroberts

    Iphone 5 will definitely have a larger display.

  • there won’t be an iphone 5, maybe a 4G to upgrade for the 4g networks but thats it. There wont be much they will do either, maybe more memory, up to a gig, and more storage. as for iOS5, that more of a possibility, will it have exciting new features, not really, maybe the air print that we were promised. Look to 2012 for the actually iphone 5, and then a better iOS. I think this year is to soon to expect any thing big. Besides which, how can they expect sales for the new phone when everyone just bought the iP4.

  • LOL, and whats the modem thing, there already is tethering?

  • LOL, and whats the modem thing, there already is tethering?

  • Ex

    Turning the device into an actual modem.

    Such as being able to have 5+ other devices connect wirelessly to the iPhone for Internet access without having to jailbreak the iPhone!

  • Mike

    With regards to iPad 2, I think the biggest improvements needed are in software, not in hardware. Here’s my top 10 feature list:

  • ‘Higher resolution’ and ‘thinner’ on the iPhone both seem like crazy pipe dreams to me. For the next one we will likely just see a refresh more akin to the 3G-3GS evolution, right?

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 5 and iOS 5 will probably be the most surprising, to me, as I don’t feel I’m missing anything from my iPhone 4, right now. Whatever they add, will just be extra stuff! Sure, faster and bigger storage are always welcome, but my 32GB iPhone 4 performs amazingly fast! As for the white iPhone 4, I already have one, just by ordering a few parts from abroad, and building it myself, but why wouldn’t they just wait until the iPhone 5? The iPad, for me, really has been just a fad. I still use it occasionally, but don;t feel like I need the next version.

  • Anonymous

    That’s my thinking, as well.

  • Vitamin_vee

    I see them moving towards new ways to interact with the iPhone. Probably completely hands-free through voice recognition. I also see them getting rid off the passcode security feature by using facial recognition akin to the xbox kinect.

  • Anonymous

    Wifi tethering, notifaction drop down like android, flash support lol, and better battery life, and one button wifi on and off from flip down notification.

  • Bobaspud

    Stock Breaks $400 / share

  • Marinerone

    No larger than the current one please!!
    In fact, I want to see a notch smaller version. I’ve been using iPhone since its inception but the IP4 is too large, thin with sharp edges for comfy hold. As silly as it might sound, I discovered a BB Bold, a perfect form factor, and I actually bought it.
    IP4 can take out 1 row of app icons to downsize, add some thickness to maintain battery capacity and it’s perfect. I know some might argue about sacrificing multimedia viewing due to smaller size but I am willing to sacrifice it for a better form factor.
    Wasn’t there a rumour about a smaller IP?

  • Anonymous

    A coffee maker and shave in the iPhone 5 will be cool but I’m holding out for flip model with George Forman grill in the middle.. Now that would be a great accessory.

  • Ex


    That’s like my dream iPhone.

  • KnightFire

    Apple has to bring out a new model this year to compete with the Android phones; if they don’t improve the camera(s), GPS, and battery life… well… they’ll be in some serious dodo. I’d love to see HDMI output, as well as 1080p video recording, and a microSD card slot, as well.

  • Anonymous

    I recently had the opportunity to buy an iPhone 4, missed out on it, and since it wasn’t available for the millionth time again after that, I decided I’d skip the 4 and get whatever next one Apple releases next summer.

    One more thing Apple, please have ENOUGH of them for launches and to support buying them post-launch?! Jeez!

  • Tigger59

    Why on earth would Apple release the iPhone 5 only a year after the catastrophe of the iPhone 5? Do they honestly believe people would be spending another $700+ a year later? I guess to some people, having the latest technology is more important to them than having $$ for regular stuff like clothes, food, rent and transportation.

    It took me close to 2 months to get an iPhone 4 through Rogers. I’ll wait until the iPhone 6 or 7, if I have to before upgrading.

  • same here, but i wouldn’t mind the coffee maker…

  • Nomi

    Because they release a new iPhone every year. Just like they release new iPods every year. Also, you are an idiot if you spent >$700 for an iPhone 4. Upgrade prices are in the realm of $200-$400 and new contracts at $150.

  • Anonymous

    White iphone 4, I juse want to get an white iphone 4 as soon as possible.
    Although, I have no enough money for it. I’ll get it also.
    You can’t image that how amaing when I saw the iphone4, expecially white iphone 4.
    My boyfriend got an black iphone 4, I get an white iphone 4.^.^
    BTW, I think reader may interested in this iphone 4 spot.
    help us enjoy iphone 4 more fun!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Long shot but there are rumors of an onboard pico projector for iPhone5 floating around. It’d be a nice touch but don’t bank on it. One pet peeve I picked up my first iPad the other day man it’s HEAVY! Come to think of it so is that iPhone 4 downright hefty… which makes you wonder why Apple doesn’t like Super Ammoled screens? Better battery life considerably lighter weight, will this be the year Apple and SuperAmmoled become amicable? Not if but when IMO 🙂

  • Kirk Armstrong

    I think the next graphical iOS update should be pretty sweet. It should be more settings friendly like sbsettings. I hate having to go through a million menus just to turn on my bluetooth. (yes I’m lazy lol).

  • seriously? Shaver and coffee maker? You gotta be kidding…