Apple Filming iPhone 5 Ad?


According to reports, Apple may have started shooting an iPhone 5 commercial. A Craigslist posting has been found online looking for potential actors for an iPhone ad. The Craigslist posting was only live for a few hours before being pulled.

According to the online posting, both male and female actors were being sought. Also, the role in the commercial is described as “Happy, Smiling”. The oddity in the posting, however, is that payment is listed in British Pounds.

At this time, it is difficult to say whether this is legitimate or not. It is especially odd that the posting would so blatantly list “iPhone 5”. However, last year a similar ad was found that was also casting for an iPhone commercial.




  • Fake, Apple doesn’t use smilies. 

  • Apple using a Craigslist ad to hire actors for an iPhone commercial?  Freaking Craigslist?!?!  Really?  Is there any ridiculous rumor this website won’t print?

  • Pat T


  • Nowhere

    ya exactly, and why is the amount paid in pounds if it’s a casting call in L.A.? Really Ex? Just wondering why you would bother to run this post…..

  • Yamadorishitate

    How about those Canucks huh!!!

  • Anonymous

    They should look for some actors at McDonald’s… apparently smiles are free there.

  • i love the new iphone commercials 😀 the blackberry play book had me going for a while, pretty amped for this new commercial!

  • Nilay Maheta

    Oh looks your next rumor will be Iphone 5 will run android..
    I doubt on iphoneincanada team to put this kind of rubbish rumor on their blog. The company who take their   confidentiality seriously then anything will ad on craiglist for casting? and also use the word iphone 5 !! ridicules. Hey guys if you don;t have any other news to put on your blog then dont put anything but please dont put anything like this. I believe none of the Apple fan will agree to this rumor.

  • Glitch1989

    I completely agree with Mike

  • I just saw a photo on 4chan of Steve Jobs with devil horns…perhaps iphoneincanada would like to do a “rumor post” about him being the anti-christ?