Check Out These Interesting Mockups Of A 4.8-Inch iPhone 6 [PHOTOS]


IPhone Plus Noir 01

French website Nowhereelse has published a set of iPhone 6 mockups rendered by Martin Hajek, which are based on a concept by designer Steve Hemmerstoffer. The most interesting thing about the iPhone 6 mockups is the larger edge-to-edge 4.8-inch borderless display and extremely thin profile.

The mockup gallery basically sums up all the rumours floating around regarding the iPhone 6, such as a slightly wider display, variety of colours, a polycarbonate rear shell and even a fingerprint sensing trackpad (crazy eh?).

Check out the complete gallery here and let us know what you think about this concept!

IPhone6 Blanc 05

IPhone6 Trackpad


  • Mark Roberts

    Boy, Apple sure is way behind in terms of innovation in the mobile industry these days. Kinda sad really.

  • What kind of innovation would you like to see?

    iOS does definitely need a refresh, but in terms of hardware design and build quality, Apple is the leader still.

  • Tim

    I agree that Apple is still doing well with “hardware and build quality”, but the OS is the phone more or less. A major update can’t come soon enough. It’s also getting really tough to justify the premium pricing when I can get a higher spec’d Android phone for half the price.

  • It depends on how you define major update. You can get a major update for iOS that focuses on architectural & beneath-the-surfaces, which is great for developers or you can get a major update that focuses on more consumer-facing features. Rarely do you get both simultaneously.

    The question is, which camp will iOS 7 fall into. I personally think it is too soon for a Jony Ive make version of iOS so I put my vote on major changes being more architectural and developer oriented.

  • bradg17

    Exactly, I would love to see an iOS refresh!

  • Biggy604

    The iOS just needs to incorperate most of what the Jailbreak community can do, like Themeing, and other tweeks that are popularized enough that people keep going to jailbreaking for. It would eleminate the need for jailbreaking. The only people that will whine of lack of jailbreak by then would be the people wanting to Pirate “app store” apps.

  • Anon

    Either a separate section in the AppStore dedicated to iOS tweaks, or separate “Tweak Store” app, simular to Cydia, but obviously regulated by Apple. Apple will then have the ability to aprove all tweaks, as well as profit from them as well. This would give people the choice to add features, or keep it a plain Jane vanilla iOS. The point is, this will give the people the OPTION, instead of forcing a featureless / plain iOS down our throats. It will also eliminate the need to Jailbreak all together, except for the pirates.