First Physical Mockup Of Next Generation iPhone 5 Hits The Web [PHOTOS]


A Chinese iPhone case maker Shenzhen Coolzone Technology has listed a new product on its website that not only displays an iPhone 5 case but also a physical mockup of the next generation iPhone 5 handset with matches the white 3D prototype leaked previously, complete with its new 19-pin dock port (via Gizmodo). Looking at the listing, Gizmodo speculates that this could well be an iPhone 5 unit smuggled out of Foxconn’s factory, much like how it got its hands on an unreleased iPhone 4 model about a month and a half prior to its official release.

According to the source:

The possibility is certainly there. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that someone got their hands on an unreleased iPhone model smuggled out of a factory.

This took place about a month and a half in advance of the iPhone 4 commercial release, on June 24, 2010. To be sure, Foxconn was already manufacturing the new phones en masse at its Shenzhen factory around the time this video was published. Perhaps even as far back as April, when we published our own story.

Could this mean that Foxconn may already be producing the iPhone 5 in anticipation of its rumored October launch? It may seem a little bit too early, perhaps.

On the other hand, this may be just a custom-made test prototype based on the rumored specifications and leaked parts. Maybe that’s why they are not showing it up close and not making a big deal out of it. 

The case manufacturer Cool Zone PDA hasn’t replied to Gizmodo’s request for comment.


  • Christopher Jones

    A couple things I noticed:

    First: it’s running iOS 5: notice the maps icon, it should have the blue line, signifying it’s the turn-by-turn version. Shouldn’t it be running iOS 6? Possibly the reason is that iOS 6 is still only Beta. The user in the pic may have loaded iOS 5 onto it. I don’t expect the next iPhone to be loaded first with iOS 5, then upgraded to 6.

    Second: the front facing camera looks bigger than normal. Possibly because it’s a higher quality camera? I remember how on previous iPhones the rear camera lens would get bigger on some of the next iterations. It looks odd though still.

    Third: the rounded square print within the home button looks too big and too round. I have no hypothesis for this.

    Fourth: notice the battery icon in the upper right? It’s charging, but there is no cable plugged in! Wireless charging? I’m kind of suspecting that someone took a screenshot of a current iPhone, then superimposed the screen onto this iPhone mockup (with some minor modifications of course, such as the taller screen).

    My original thought was that the iPhone was just a really well done cardboard cutout with folded sides, but the home button looks too good (recessed). If this is a working iPhone 5 (iPhone 6 if you want to go by the generation #), it cannot be confirmed if apps are loadable on this iPhone, as Apple has 25 native apps in iOS 5 (26 for iOS 6 with the addition of Passbook) because there are 20 apps on the home screen, leaving one app for three of the four remaining screens, and two on another (note that there are 5 screens in total).

    If this is real, it is very curious, because there are a few things that might make you doubt whether this is a real iPhone or not, especially the charging issue (in my mind).

    Has anybody else noticed any more discrepancies at all yet?

  • It is FAKE. To many strange thing going one…

  • zapperman

    All that stands out for me is how ugly it is with that taller screen. I really hope that Apple’s attempt at a larger display for the iPhone 5 (they won’t number out of sequence) isn’t just to make it a little taller like that. It is god-awful hideous and looks out of proportion.

  • LOL…pretty sure you just “nailed it” ;)1

  • hgushee

    Apple’s commitment to the aspect ratio of the iPad and iPhone screens must be pressured by the desire to have a competitive diagonal measurement. And it makes sense that devices with rotating screens are not too close to square. Welcome to fragmentation in the Apple ecosystem.

  • Man i hope that is not even close to what the real one looks like.

  • tkim

    Wow… All of you… They said this was merely a mock-up…

  • It must be real. The Internet doesn’t lie 😉

  • Christopher Jones

    Not exactly: Usman claimed that Gizmodo believes this to be an actual generation 6 iPhone. The term “mockup” was only used by Usman himself in this article.

  • Christopher Jones

    Ugly? It’s just the iPhone 4/4S being half an inch taller (ish). I really don’t know how the height of this beautiful design can suddenly be “god-awful hideous”. Sure, the ratio would change, but barely. If the first iPhone was built like this, you wouldn’t be saying “god-awful hideous” about it now. You’re just comparing with what was.

  • FragilityG4

    No light/proximity sensor on the front??