Hi-Res iPhone 5 Mock Up Based On Leaked Parts


It was just yesterday that we saw video from eTrade Supply showing off what they think is a part from the next iPhone. Today, we see new renderings based on this “leaked” part, shown off in high resolution images and video.

Bryce Haymond of Blackpool Creative has posted these CG renderings of what the next iPhone might look like. Using the part leaked yesterday, along with other parts and schematics we have seen over the past few weeks, Bryce created these stunning pictures and video. It shows the repositioned iSight camera, the taller design, and the lager display. In some of the images he also shows the repositioned earphone jack and the new dock connector port.

Blackpool’s website has been slammed this morning, but you can get all their images here: Blackpool iPhone 5. Bryce has said that his design shows the noise cancellation mic on the top of the iPhone, like the iPhone 4S, but he believes the extra hole on the back of the “leaked” part, between the camera and the flash, might be the noise cancelling mic.

I have to say, I am still skeptical of this design. I just seems too close to the iPhone 4/4S design. Past redesigns of the iPhone have been far more drastic in appearance. It has been said that Steve Jobs himself worked closely on the new design, so maybe I’m expecting more from him. These “leaked” parts could very well be fake, or from iPhone prototypes. Conspiracy theorists, like myself, may even believe that Apple “released” these parts to throw us off of what the actual design is. The iPhone 5 cases that were floating around the internet last year, before the iPhone 4S came out, could still be in contention as the final design. Of course, this is all speculation.

[via MacRumors]


  • NC

    Headphone port on the bottom is the dumbest idea ever!!!! So many headphones get damaged that way and it makes you look like a girl with headphones coming out the bottom!!

  • K3

    yeah that sucks thats dumb..wait they’ve been on sale for only two days and have already sold a billion units, well it still sucks. 😉 … by the way stay away from girls with headphones coming out the bottom they’re the worst.

  • FragilityG4

    I disagree. Majority of people place their phone in their pocket upside down, screen facing in … With that in mind having the headphone jack on the top really was the “dumbest thing ever”.

    Also I found it especially annoying when I needed to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time … Wires coming out of both sides … This way it’s clean and more organize.

  • Ksmit2

    How does headphones coming out the bottom of the phone make you look like a girl?

  • I agree.

  • Don

    Couldn’t agree more I always put my Galaxy Nexus upside down in my pocket. Makes it easier pulling it out, especially when listening to music. Hopefully Apple does in fact put the headphone jack at the bottom of the iPhone 5. That was one of the only real complaints that I had with my iPhone 4.

  • Leo Bisignaro

    Fools they did not change the “Charger” and put the headphone jack on the bottom for NO reason. Actually you can not tell yet, but the Iphone 5/5S does have sensors (Apple has it wired in to measure the polarity of the cable or in this case which side of the iphone 8-Pin plug it is.)

    WHY? What?
    Due to the 60 Hz frequency receiver, I can only put forward a technology to pay for items similar in nature to NFC on the Galaxy devices. Apple already had an issue calling the NFC TECHNOLOGY a potential breach of security. But a small devices that simultaneously plugs into the 8-pin and 3.5mm would induce a potential magnetic field henceforth giving off an electric I.D. signal.

    At the same time Apple can make a deal with a car dealer and your iphone would be your only “key” to start your vehicle. Options on this seem to be endless & it is nothing more then a timing and signal processi.

    P.S. Apple Fans It is such a shame you would only need a paperclip to hack this any way. Connect a 8-pin OTG cable to a male U.S.B. to 3.5MM and you can start experimenting!