iPhone 4G Rendered in New Colours–Yay or Nay?


We’ve seen the iPhone 4G leaked by Gizmodo and sites in Vietnam. We’ve also seen the iPhone 4G rendered in white. But what about other iPhone colours? Apple’s colour scheme with their iPod line up involves a multitude of rainbow colours. I’m surprised they haven’t come up with this for the iPhone yet. Can you imagine how popular hot pink would be? They would sell like hotcakes.

Here’s an image of the iPhone 4G prototype in a myriad of different colours. Could we see iPhone colours coming soon from Apple?

Here’s another image of the iPhone 3G/3GS body in similar colours:



  • Xaroc

    although im a sucker for white. having a rainbow of colors is a very good idea. more eye candy for those who like Pink, Blue ect. that extra edge to catch peoples eye

  • GamingSV

    Personally… i hate the colors. But thats just me.

  • mackman6151

    i think the black, white, and pink would sell really well but those other 2 not at all. maybe a nice fully chromed 4G or a silver as well.

  • Sean

    The chrome is hot.

  • Justin

    Multiple colours would be nice, just not those colours. I could see apple following along the lines of the nano colours

  • That's what I think. It's going to come around Christmas I bet. Or, how about a RED campaign iPhone, via Bono?

  • I think you meant to say HAWTTTT

  • The colours rendered are more pastel-ish…

  • rorypiper

    I think colours look great on the current iPhone, but the new iPhone looks really modern and “hi-tech”. The colours seem to dumb it down. The black and aluminum looks great to me. Besides, most people put their phone in a case anyway.

  • stuhFAN

    I thought Bono & Co. hopped over to RIM?

  • They did, but if the RED campaign ever comes back it would be popular I bet.

  • thanks 4share

  • thanks 4share