iPhone 5 Announcement At T-Mobile “All Hands Day” Meeting On September 24th?

According to a recent post by TmoNews, new evidence has emerged speculating a possible release date for iPhone 5. As published by 9to5Mac, the source has received a big number of emails mentioning that T-Mobile has called an “All Hands Day” meeting for September 24th for some unknown reason. However, since that date falls on Saturday, it is not possible for Apple to hold any media event. Also, it is highly likely that T-Mobile could simply be gearing up for some other big non-Apple related product such as a Samsung Galaxy S II. As noted by BGR, the memo could simply not be for an iPhone 5 launch because it is not at all expected to hit the stores before October.

Citing from the source:

Details are sketchy at best but we’ve just received a huge number of emails indicating that T-Mobile has called an “All Hands Day” meeting for September 24th for unknown reasons. Could this be a pre-iPhone launch meeting? Could this be related to the AT&T takeover or could this be related to T-Mobile discovering water on Mars? In any case, mark your calendars down for September 24th because something is going down

It is worth mentioning here that Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile USA is already taking iPhone 5 pre-orders. Could there be a possible connection here?

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