iPhone 5 Due In Q3 2011 With 4-Inch Display & Metal Build?


This week, GadgetsDNA reports that the iPhone 5 has entered the trial production stage and is due for launch in Q3 2011. Additional details match recent rumors such as the iPhone 5 featuring a 4-inch display and a new metal chassis to improve the cellular antenna signal.

Considering this new report, and recent rumors, it seems that the iPhone 5 will very much resemble the iPhone 4. As MacRumors points out, a video taken in January 2011 revealed an early look at the potential iPhone 4 CDMA frame, alongside the iPhone 4 GSM frame.

The video ended up being fairly accurate, as the “iPhone 5 Middle Plate” seen above became the iPhone 4 CDMA frame, sans the SIM card slot.

However, the inclusion of the SIM slot then led many to believe that this could be the future frame of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is further rumored to support both GSM and CDMA cellular technology, so the image seen above could very well be the next iPhone.


  • Kirk Armstrong

    This could very well be believable, it saves apple lots money offering both CDMA and gsm in one phone, so they dont have to mass produce twice the amount of phones to keep up with demand.

  • Anonymous

    Would the larger screen have a different display ratio?

  • Will Apple be releasing a user manual with this one with instructions how to hold it? Salad Tongs always did the trick for me… lol

    in all seriousness the 4inch display is going to be nice.

  • Anonymous

    More than likely it will be the same, to keep all the apps working properly. Looking at my 3GS if the screen went to the edge of the phone it would be easy to make it taller as well. It’ll probably just be filling in the black void near the edges.

  • Caryn

    I’m waiting for the 5, so my 3G can only run iOS 4.2. But I’m (hoping to) getting an iPad running 4.3 on Friday. A friend updated an app on her iPhone and then it wouldn’t run on the old iPad which was stuck at 3.x — how to I keep my iPhone apps running once I start syncing the iPad2?

  • Anonymous

    that middle plate looks like a Verizion iPhone Plate.

  • Harryb

    Hmmm – basic math problem here me thinks!