iPhone 5: Launching June 2011?


As we continue to approach another summer, more next-generation iPhone rumors continue to appear. According to Korean site, Apple is planning to releasing the next-generation iPhone, affectionately named the iPhone 5, during the fourth week of June 2011.

Based on this information, one could surmise that the iPhone 5 would be introduced at WWDC at the beginning of June, as is normally done each year. However, multiple reports over the last several weeks have indicated that Apple will not be introducing the iPhone 5 during WWDC this year. Instead, WWDC 2011 is to focus on iOS and Mac OS X software, pushing a potential iPhone 5 launch to the fall season. ETNews says otherwise.

These new June 2011 iPhone 5 claims reportedly come with confirmation that Korean wireless providers SK Telecom and KT will be amongst the first carriers to offer the new device.

iPhone 5, the next model of iPhone 4, will be released on the coming 4th week of June. In the midst of the iPhone 5 postponement rumors, Apple has confirmed that iPhone 5 will be released as planned and it will be released simultaneously in Korea through SK Telecom and KT.

Definitely take this with a grain of salt, but don’t discredit it too quickly. While the source is sketchy at best, sometimes wireless carriers do get advanced knowledge of device releases since carriers typically must be coordinated with the device manufacturers.

[MacRumors via ETNews]


  • i hope not, just got the Ip4, would love to have it supported for the 3 years i have it under contract. And think about the poor 3gs users they already are losing out on some features.

  • bekk45

    ^^the 3gs users (me) should be hoping for this iphone to come because its getting pretty dated. Chrome262, if youre happy with your iphone 4, just dont get the iphone 5 when it comes out. plain and simple.

  • Jd Monette

    Dude shut up

  • Anonymous

    It’s a rumor. Take it as such.

  • Anonymous

    I think WWDC will talk about the iPhone 5 but I don’t think they will announce it. Most likely say it’s delayed

  • Casey Callaghan

    Apple only supports the iPhones that have been released in the past 2 years because that is the de facto length of american phone contracts and that is where they are based. The 3G stopped recieving updates when 4.3 came out, and there are many people that have them under contract for awhile.

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