iPhone 5 To Be Made of Liquid Metal [Rumour]


Way back in August of 2010, we heard that Apple had purchased worldwide exclusive rights to use materials developed by a company called LiquidMetal. Now, PattentlyApple is reporting that the next version of the iPhone will move away from the glass design, and use LiquidMetal’s materials.

The article says the next iPhone will adopt these new materials, and will be debuted this June at the WWDC. This does not give us a release date, but typically, Apple has been releasing new devices not long after their announcement.

The mock up above was based on iPhone 5 rumours and actual cases that were strewn about the internet last year. The rumour that Apple is moving away from the glass design is not a new one, and the fact that we already know Apple has the rights to use this new LiquidMetal material, leads us to believe that the next iPhone may more resemble the iPad or iPod Touch.

The main benefits of LiquidMetal are that it is lighter, stronger, and it has a higher elasticity to density ratio. LiquidMetal is much more resistant to impact, like when you drop your iPhone. This video shows how much more resilient LiquidMetal can be, compared to stainless steel and titanium.


  • Londonfish

    Impressive, can’t wait to be surprised by Apple’s new design ! Hope they will also redesign the home button.

  • Ryan

    So the next iPhone will be able to bounce? šŸ˜‰

    By the way, THANK YOU for saying in the post title that this is a rumor. šŸ™‚

  • Prailor

    agreed, though i see them keeping the size and location but making it less of a button and more of a sensorĀ 

  • Dave

    Can’t believe no one made a terminator joke….

  • Boolahboo

    Omfg so many typos. Don’t u proof read ur article before posting?

  • iPhone T1000. Liquid metal poly alloy.

  • Get a grip. You should at least use proper English if you are going to criticize lol….

  • Vitamin_vee

    Forget the iPhone. I want a liquidmetal golf driver. LOL

  • Robert

    ETNews claims to have insider sources that have confirmed Apple will be using Liquidmetal technology on the iPhone 5.

  • CaseyJonesNinjaTurtle

    I don’t care what the next iPhone is made out of as long as it get’s a bigger screen I’m in.

  • BrightNadia80

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  • NoNeedForAName

    Yes, but is LiquidMetal (TM) aĀ premierĀ material?