iPhone 5 To Feature A5 Dual-Core Processor


As developers get their hands on the publicly released iOS 4.3 update, reports have confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be getting the same A5 chip featured in the iPad 2.

The iPad 2 and iPhone 5, the latter being code named N94AP, share the same S5L8940 processor designation. There is no information on clock speed however.

Featuring the A5 processor would give the iPhone its first dual-core processor, bringing the device up to speed with some Android offerings. Dual-core also guarantees 1080p video output support.

The A5 chip also consumes the same power as the A4, which points to similar battery life on the iPhone 5 to that found on the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 5 is expected this summer 2011 at WWDC.



  • Does the 1080p output depend on the dual core chip, or the graphics capabilities of the included graphics processor on the A5 SOC?

  • JfromK

    Well if the iPhone5 is to be revealed this soon, they aren’t updating the shitty unibody antenna design if they have only *just now* managed to get white iPhone4s ready for release. That would have been a total waste of money instead of waiting for the iPhone 5 to release a perfected white top iPhone. They must be using the same design for the iPhone 4 and 5. I really find it surprising considering the shit-storm Antennagate caused.

  • Junior

    I thought this was fixed with the verizion iPhone 4

  • Anonymous

    wasnt “fixed” just the antennas were moved to top instead of bottom. i wonder if they can replicate it for the GSM antenna.

  • Orrisachar

    how can you make that assumption? Apple runs more then one design project at a time?! Im pretty sure apple spent the better part of the last 9 months working on more then just a paint job, and a few antenna placement issues…DUH WINNING

  • #winning is so yesterday–but I’m still happy you made the reference!

  • I hope they keep the design, all the newer ones i have seen and tested do not have any antenna issues so thats no longer a problem. The only issues is the glass back, i like it but there have been cracks from drops, the back is easy to replace as well as the battery. if they go with they metal back i have seen and its curved again it will be hard to replace the batter.

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