iPhone 5 To Feature NFC After All?


There has been a lot of rumors floating around regarding the use of NFC, or Near Field Communications, in the next iPhone. NFC would enable users to use their iPhone as a digital wallet, turning the iPhone into a mobile payment system.

In January, Bloomberg reported that the next-generation iPhone would include NFC technology with a “wave-to-pay” system. More recently, The Indepedent squashed the claims saying that NFC won’t appear until the 2012 iPhone 6.

Now, Elizabeth Woyke from Forbes claims that according to an Apple employee, the iPhone 5 will feature NFC capabilities.

Just met with an entrepreneur who says the iPhone 5 *will* have NFC…according to his friend, who works at Apple. Huh.

With so many conflicting iPhone NFC rumors floating around, it’s difficult to say which report is accurate. As usual, the truth will be revealed closer to the device launch.


[Business Insider]


  • Anonymous

    With all the talk of NFC in the past few months… I’ll say that iPhone 2011 will have NFC

    But I think it might be a very limited handicap version of it

  • Adiderek

    The newest ads show NFC….

  • Anonymous

    I’m intrigued… What would be the difference? I thought NFC was either it works or it doesn’t.

    I was under the impression that the reason it might not be in this year’s iPhone was the current lack of an agreed NFC standard.

  • Vincent

    As long as Apple doesn’t charge 30% 🙂

  • …and as long as you ‘just don’t hold it that way.’

  • Drewxbarnes

    1. Make rumoursi
    2. “leak” out prototype. Hype news.
    3. Make iphone 5 same as iphone 4 just with nfc.



    Or…you knOw i could simply swipe my card. Just sayin…

  • You could always get out of your car and manually wipe your front window on rainy days too.
    its all about being the first company to push for the next best convenient step before the next.
    All in one tools take the cake. Although security is always an issue in my eyes.