LTE iPhone With Materially Improved UI Will Be Released In 2012

A new post by 9to5Mac (via Barrons) highlights Scott Sutherland’s projections for Apple in the last quarter of 2011 and beyond. Scott is an analyst and managing director of Wedbush Securities Inc. Research Division. He claims that the next-gen iPhone (most likely the iPhone 4S) will be announced in October alongside an iPhone targeting emerging markets (possibly the iPhone 5) while another LTE enabled iPhone handset will be released in 2012 with a “materially improved user interface.”

As published by 9to5Mac:

While we already expected two new iPhone models to land October 4th (as of latest reports), we’re not sure what this means for Wedge Partners’ Brian Blair’s prediction of only an upgraded iPhone 4S variation. The report notes that Sutherland didn’t explain any further.

Last month, there were reports indicating Apple is testing 4G LTE-capable iPhone units with its carrier partners. There was also a mysterious picture leaked out on the web showing LTE equipment installed within an Apple Store in the U.S. The only question is, are Canada’s cellular networks ready for an LTE-enabled iPhone yet?

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  • Anonymous

    Materially improved UI??

  • Frankie

    Yup. Like your iPhone will be able to make you a nice cup of coffee each morning! It will also disscus the news headlines with you whilst making that cup 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hope the LTE-ready version is coming. I’ll wait for it.

  • xxJDxx

    Interesting. While i would definitely want my next iphone to be LTE capable, the coverage is non existent outside of major areas, and from what I read, the battery draw is significant. Thats not even mentioning the outrageous fees I would assume will accompany LTE data plans…

  • Anonymous

    if RIM can do alot better than 3G (or even 3.5G) with their new Bold and Torch handsets, Apple could AND SHOULD do the same….i’d kill for 23mbps speeds on HSDPA+ on my iPhone! 🙂