Next iPhone / iPad Refresh To Introduce 128GB Models?


As pointed out by the folks over at iDB, an interesting retweet by hacker @iH8sn0w suggests that future iPhones, iPods and iPads may also come in 128GB models. The original tweet by @iNeal claimed that a new system partition key size in the iOS 6.1 Beta 5 BuildManifest hints at upcoming 128GB iOS devices.


“Notice the field labeled SystemPartitionPadding. As you can see, this field has an additional 128 key, which opens up the possibility of seeing 128GB iOS devices”.

Screenshots comparing the key values from the beta iOS 6.1 firmware, and the public iOS 6.0 firmware have also been posted for reference (above).

Of course there’s nothing certain so far, the evidence does point at Apple’s plans to introduce iOS devices with 128GB of space in future.



  • wahgee

    It would be great. Although we backup to the cloud and the computer (Thanks to iTunes 11), my wife is reluctant to delete all those wonderful videos and pics of our children from the iPhone in order to fee up space.

  • Yeah that’s the one thing that remains an issue. It takes discipline to manually transfer pictures from iPhone to the computer to free up space.

  • Or you’re eventually forced to when you run out of space and gasp at how much space your photos have taken up! It would be nice if the entry models went from 16 to 32 gb.

  • SLy C.

    Where’s the 64 key in the iOS 6.0 screenshot?

    As for needing space, the Dropbox photo sync feature has really come in handy for me. I’m planning on going back down to 32GB on both my next iPhone and iPad. Unless they all get memory bumps at the same price points.

  • sk19

    I was going to make the same comment about the 64 key.

  • Anon

    A 128GB model is needed for those who take extended video clips, and who store movies. My 64GB iPad is already filled to the brim. Was hoping they would come out with a 256GB version as well.

  • Anon

    Yup, nand flash is cheap, and 16GB isn’t really usable anymore. They definitely need to nuke the 16GB model, and adjust the pricing up the ladder.

  • teflon

    Ya, too bad you can’t just add a memory card like other devices out there. Wouldn’t it be nice if the ipad had an sd slot or even a usb port. Sure would make it easier to leave grandma and grandpa the latest picture’s of there grand kids for there digital picture frames.