NFC Payment System Delayed To iPhone 6?


Earlier this year, Apple was rumored to include NFC (Near Field Communication) hardware in the next generation iPad and iPhone, the iPad 2 and iPhone 5. Such technology would enable users to use their iPhone to make purchases at retail stores.

With the launch of the iPad 2, NFC was not included in the new device indicating that the iPhone 5 may not receive NFC either. Additional reports indicate that Apple has decided that it will not include NFC in the iPhone due to lack of a clear standard.

One source close to the discussions said: “The new iPhone will not have NFC, Apple told the operators it was concerned by the lack of a clear standard across the industry.” Yet Apple is understood to be working on its own NFC proposition, which would link payments through iTunes.

Instead of the iPhone 5, it is reported that Apple may introduced the NFC technology”next year”. In other words, in the iPhone 6 (2012). To corroborate these recent reports, Apple has hired NFC experts over the last year and has further published patent applications related to NFC.

[The Independent]


  • AnonymousGuy

    Why bother with NFC when we already have Blutooth?

  • Anonymous

    Feel like broadcasting all your credit card info to everyone within 30 feet of you?
    Plus, how are you going to convince retailers to install yet another new payment system when NFC is already in wide use?

  • I can understand it being delayed completely.
    No one will support them anyways until 2014 probably.

    im not just throwing numbers in the air either. The reasoning behind my choosing is Chip credit cards and debit cards have been around a while now and STILL lots of people are not ready for them using the old style card reading machines. Apple would implement this awesome idea just in time for no one to be able to use it.
    They would just be throwing money in a hole at this point, couldnt even use it as a marketing feature either because we all know there is going to be people trying to stick it to apple for it if they did lol

  • Alsaydali

    The only thing i hate about apple is when u buy new product knowing that there is something missing for the next one

  • Cn Shopping

    do you want to buy an ipad2?