The New iPhone Home Page [Mock Up]


A little while back, there were “leaked” photos of the next iPhone circulating the web, but were quickly identified to be 3D renderings from designer Martin Hajek. We here at iPhoneinCanada reported these images as leaked photos, but quickly updated the article once we found out the truth. Martin is back, and has taken his renderings a step further.

Martin decided to see what Apple’s website might look like, if his renderings happened to be close to reality. He created an image showing what the iPhone’s home page might look like. (seen above). This does look like something Apple would put together, although the current site has some nice, smooth HTML animation. If I were to see this without knowing it was rendered independently, I would assume it came from Apple. Here’s the actual current page from the online Apple Store.

I think Martin is pretty much on target here, just calling it “iPhone”. At the recent D10 talks, Tim Cook was asked why the iPad 3 was just called the new iPad. He explained that the iPods and Mac computer’s aren’t named numerically, so why should their other products be? Just like the iPad, I suspect the iPhone will get the same treatment.

Featuring Passbook on the homescreen is a good bet, as well. This is the only really new stock app being added in iOS 6, and they may want to hype it up. Their new Maps app will most likely be highlighted as well.


These images make this rumoured design look legit, but what do you think? Could this be what the next iPhone will look like?

[via Gizmodo]


  • Ender

    Why would mockup images make the design look legit? They’re just that, mockups….

  • Joker Eh

    what is it with people wanting the new iphone to be taller, some must have penis envy or something

  • I just meant the images are well done.

  • MikeHawk

    id be pissed if the iphone 5 actually has that ugly off-colour panel on the back

  • TomCrown

    No cease & desist from Apple legal to this or any other site, in light of Cook’s comment about doubleing down on secracy. I say the new iPhone will not look anywhere close to this.

  • Good point.

  • Ryan

    Wow. This guy’s good. That looks totally probable. He totally understands Apple’s design and branding. The lighting on the phones is perfect, the name (lack of a number) seems extremely likely, the idea of showing Passbook makes sense from a marketing point-of-view, he’s got the fonts (Myriad Pro) and typography (overall size and layout) nailed. The only thing I don’t think looks likely is showing the size on the back of the iPhone as Apple hasn’t done that since the 3GS. That being said, I’d welcome that design element back to the iPhone. Might make buying and selling used phones a little more clear.

    All that being said, I have no idea if that’s what the new iPhone will look like, but the rumours seem to think that’s the direction it’s headed. I like that he’s upfront about it being a mockup though, and not claiming that it’s a leak.