White iPhone 4 Begins Production?


Sources late this week have reported that Apple has started production of the white iPhone 4. The news, coming from Reuters, did not mention a release date for the device, however previous rumors point to a late April or early May release.

Suppliers to Apple Inc have begun production of white iPhones after a delay of almost 10 months, pointing to a launch date of within a month, two people familiar with the situation said on Thursday.

Apple itself has stated that the white iPhone 4 is coming this spring, but they have not mentioned a specific date.

The white iPhone 4 has now been delayed 10 months since the original announcement this past summer. Various reports indicated that the delays were caused by paint issues causing light to leak into the camera.

A spring 2011 launch for the white iPhone 4 has supported notions that this could be the iPhone launch for 2011. The iPhone 5 in this case may be pushed to 2012.



  • Curious: anyone out there been holding out for the white iPhone 4? Or anyone get the black one, but thinking of getting the white one now? Since there’s no iPhone 5 to wait for now, this might be the only “new” iPhone we get this summer.

  • Jonduke

    I’m ginna launch a rumor here… Even tought some people will buy it for the color… What could make this white iphone 4 sell as much as others?

    I think they will release it white and advanced… Like a “premium” version of the iphone 4. Maybe a better front camera or thinner… I don’t know what they could find that can give something new but not too much… But I’m sure Apple as something up their sleeves…

  • Auto Strada

    I got the white 3gs when it came out because it was different. Since I lost my 3gs and went to a 3g, I’ve been waiting for the 5. If the 5 doesn’t arrive til next year and the white 4 comes out soon, I may go for that.

    There HAS to be improvements on it, even minor.

  • Bruce Doman

    Why is this even blog worthy? Who cares? It’s been pushed back for so many months now that it’s irrelevant & if anyone’s stupid enough to buy it……I have only these words to say……Mythbusters episode where they shine a turd. ‘Cause that exactly what you’re buying with IP5 just around the corner……. a white shiney turd!

  • Anonymous

    Since no iPhone 5 this year… Apple activated their backup plan!

    …and they will still sell hundreds of thousands of these white ones

  • Wow. This little phone has got you all worked up, eh? Are people stupid if they buy the black one? If not, what’s the difference? People who don’t have an iPhone 4 yet, might opt for the white one. The iPhone 5 won’t be out until 2012.

  • Ifiwereking

    Good call. I agree. Two birds with one Apple as it were.

  • SF

    Or maybe THIS IS the iPhone 5!! you never know, it might have the A5 chip inside. just speed improvement and couple of minor features, same that happened when going from 3G to 3GS

  • from all reports its a 4 with just a color change. Maybe, maybe antenna changes but that’s it. I think if you want an iPhone then go for it. The five is going to be basically like the 3gs was to the 3g. I think iOS 5 is whats important this summer. And that will make the 4 even better.

  • Jafcg

    That what it is a iphone 4s everybody knows it. Same thing they did with the 3g and still the 4 is a nice phone.

  • I held out for the white a very long time. But I finally caved and bought the black. Now, my sister she didn’t want an iphone until recently. Now she needs one for her job. Yes, her job is actually requiring her to get an iphone and they are going to give her a phone allowance. Now I know the white iphone won’t come out soon enought for her

  • sorry my computer went weird there and cut me off.

    It won’t come out soon enough for her but I can see how people like her would get a white phone. People who need to buy a new phone or break their old phone might want to buy a white phone just for something different.

  • Danger

    Who cares about this white phone?? I mean really? You cant use the damn thing without a case, you’ll never see the white? Lol

  • Wilschmor

    Do you think it will be possible to by the new white iPhone parts and upgrade your black iPhone 4?

  • Yes, you can already do that. I have a white iPhone 4 now.

  • Haha. Well, in most parts of Canada you can use it without a case. 😛

  • Tyrone

    Where can you get the white iPhone parts?

  • Nick H

    The ONLY way I MAY be convinced to get a white iPhone 4 is if they come out with a 64GB one.

  • Bernardo

    well, what about see through cases? mine is one of that, and its perfect.

  • Bernardo

    i really would like to change it into a white one, but is it official? do you think apple itself will do this?

  • Bernardo

    why do a few people has white iphone 4 already?

  • Drocass

    I still think this is going to be the budget iPhone with a patched antenna release we heard a while back at a $100 discount of its current price just like they did with the 3Gs.

  • Wilschmor

    apple itself won’t . I want to have the real OEM white parts though, not some fake third party ones, and at a cheaper price because they will be in mass production compared to the small number of real white iphone 4 parts made in june and other production tries

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