White iPhone 4 Launching April 26?


Multiple sources this weekend have reported that the white iPhone 4, scheduled for release this spring 2011, may be launching on April 26.

Originally announced alongside the black iPhone 4, the white iPhone 4 has now been delayed 10 months since the original announcement this past summer. Various reports indicated that the delays were caused by paint issues causing light to leak into the camera.

Stay tuned for this April 26!




  • Coolguy

    Even if it is released on April 26th, wouldnt it be released like 2 months later in Canada?

  • Wahidafg

    Or in other words whocares?

  • Sparky

    Awesome now I’ll finally be able to really see how the white one looks in person.

    I think my iPhone likes the white one because it always wants to capitalise the word “White”.

  • ZEE

    It’s about time to start talking about the 5th generation, I think Apple should have had the white 4G ready at the Verizon released in USA. I know, too many ppl who will be buying this at the launch, but another fact is iphone 5 will be coming within 3-4 months (possible in white as well) of white iphone 4.. DONT WASTE UR MONEY!

  • Drocass

    So many people have issues with Black, your going to offend someone lol

  • Guest

    i dont know where your getting 3-4 months from….5 isnt coming til end of 2011 at the earliest. expect it next year