White iPhone 4 To Be Released “In The Next Few Weeks”


I almost can’t believe the headline but according to Bloomberg, the unicorn of iPhones, the mystical white iPhone 4, is going to be released “in the next few weeks.”

The Bloomberg report claims that three people familiar with the plans state the white iPhone 4 is coming, with one of the sources saying by the end of April. The report however cites the release for AT&T and Verizon, so whether Canada gets the device at the same time or not is unknown.

It has now been almost 10 months since the white iPhone 4 was originally supposed to hit the shelves in Canada. If you’ve been holding out for one, I applaud your diligence.

With the potential release of the white iPhone 4 in April or May, this could mean that the iPhone 5 may actually be pushed back afterall.



  • Anonymous

    Well it does make sense to release the White iPhone 4 now if the iPhone 5 is delayed until 2012

    But it would not be right to release it if the iPhone 5 is coming this fall.

  • Accordxtc

    Omg IphoneInCanada will you please stop feeding the trolls. No one cares about the white iPhone and I’m sick of reading it on here. Id rather you not post a story then giving into the white iPhone BS

    My 2 cents who else feels they’ve heard enough about the white iPhone?

  • Anonymous

    Go! Canucks!! Go!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ahaha nice

  • Anonymous

    Had wooden teeth…. Chased the white phone…

  • @Chrisburke

    Why are you even posting this.. Tomorrows update will be “white iPhone delayed”… Seriously, just stop posting about the white iPhone until you hear something that isn’t a rumor

  • JRQT

    This is an iPhone blog, it’s kind of his job…

  • Ex


    Ted ftw!

  • Accordxtc

    Not when once a week when some reporter on here is talking about a white iPhone to most who have a black 4 and could care less.

  • Hans

    I like hearing about white iPhone 4. You are welcome not to read. I don’t do things that annoy me.

  • Anonymous


  • Wahidafg


  • Anonymous

    Chicago shut out 2-0 in the first round of the Stanly Cup play offs.

  • There’s no point in complaining about what’s posted on the blog. Just read the headlines and skip the articles you don’t care about.

  • Got one already.

  • MrAnonymous

    Then don’t read it you idiot! Is someone putting a gun to your head and forcing you to read the article? Sheesh.

  • Hank

    It’s not about you buddy. The world does not and will not revolve around you, what you like and don’t like. Grow up and act like a well-educated (not mal-educated) individual.

  • Accordxtc

    Didn’t say the world did, you know what they say about assuming right? Enough said move on troll

  • Hank

    And we have another one of those types. It’s not always about you buddy. The world does not and will not revolve around you. Grow up and act like an well (not mal) educated individual. This is a forum you are in. Not a news post or something. Actually, even news post shares rumors as well. At least, the content of the article is based on a credible source and not from a conversation overheard from a bus or train while in transit. Chill out guys. Again, the world does not revolve and will not revolve around you. if you think it should, well, you have a peoblem. A big one. One that you should have overgrown while you were younger.

  • Accordxtc

    LOL whats with this guy and the world. Did someone beat that into you or a bad break up and she told you that. I’m not seeing how posting a comment about not wanting to hear about the white iphone is thinking the world revolves around him or me. It was one comment not like we’ve posted in other postings demanding to hear other news lol. I tell you what I’m gonna stop typing because I dont want you to “feel like the world is revolving around you” Thanks for the laughs Hank.

  • Anonymous

    It’s time ignore this guy above your post. He has reached the utmost level of stupidity

  • Auto Strada

    you assumed no one likes to hear about the white iphone. get your hand out of your ass and shove it in your mouth because you’re talking rubbish.

    i suggest you stop visiting this site because your ignorance and stupidity is, quite frankly, embarrassing.

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