HSBC Canada Launches Mobile Banking Site for iPhone and iPod touch


HSBC Canada has quietly launched a full-fledged mobile banking site for iPhone and iPod touch users. Rather than submit an app through the App Store, this new mobile site will allow customers to pay bills, transfer money between accounts and check account details and transaction history.

The service will require HSBC Canada customers to be registered for HSBC Internet Banking to use the service. Just visit in Safari on your iPhone or iPod touch and you’ll reach the secure login page. For security, you will not be able to concurrently logged into both Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

How is Mobile Banking different from Personal Internet Banking?

  • Bill payees must be set up first in Personal Internet Banking.
  • All transactions are processed “Now.” No future-dated or recurring transactions can be initiated in Mobile Banking.
  • Wire transfers cannot be initiated in Mobile Banking. Wire transfers can only be initiated in Personal Internet Banking.
  • Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) and Access and Security changes cannot be initiated or authorized in Mobile Banking. Initiation and authorization is only available through Personal Internet Banking.

Pictures below:



This is an awesome service for HSBC Canada customers, and it joins the other banks such as CIBC, TD, RBC, Scotiabank, and BMO that have mobile banking abilities too.

Let us know how you like this new service from HSBC Canada.


  • Trevor Lerner

    and only 3 years behind everyone else!!  thanks for joining the game!!  

  • Roy Phillips

    Does anyone know if this app can be used with Manulife accounts?

  • pkc

    I’ve tried the site a few weeks back, it’s slow, laggy, and often doesn’t even direct you where you want to go. It’s complete crap, HSBC doesn’t think they need to target their everyday banking customers, just their rich investment bankers who don’t need an app, which is complete bullshit.

  • Bmfarrell

    And IOS 5 not supported I find out while waiting in line. HSBC – Why are you so backwards, even by canadians low IT banking mark you are lousy??