YouTube Mobile Offers Users Opt-In to New Experimental Layout


For users of YouTube’s mobile layout, it appears Google has started to enable the opt-in of a new experimental layout, as noted by MacStories. This new version provides a refreshed look that is cleaner with a darker emphasis throughout the layout.

To check out this new version of YouTube mobile, just visit to manually enable it. Immediately you’ll notice a sleeker layout as part of YouTube’s Cosmic Panda experiment, an initiative to improve the video experience.


The HD quality icon is emphasized and comes with a new slick animation when toggled on or off. I did encounter some messed up pages when I was logged into my YouTube account.

All in all, this new experimental layout is worth trying out. Is it worth it? Most definitely–it allowed me to stumble upon the fascinating world of Angry Birds nail art (yes, Angry Birds nail art):


  • ?Dennis

    Any word if Apple will be updating the YouTube app? I thinks it’s long overdue for an overhaul.