Anti-Sexting Software Patent


Well, leave it to Apple to help protect our kids!

Apple has purportedly patented software to identify inappropriate language in text messages and to either completely delete it or to replace with “age appropriate” verbiage. I suspect a database of offending words can be input into the phone by a parent and text message content will be verified against this database.

As a few of the articles indicate, this doesn’t stop the sender from thinking of the word, and while blocking the word itself is one thing, discussions with your children of the appropriate use of technology is another.

I wonder if in order to access this database the parent has to have access to their child’s phone (I suspect they would). I also wonder if in typical form, this software can be easily breached. Would the software recognize ‘iPh0ne” as “iPhone” or “iPh*ne”, for example? I’m also assuming that the software can be switched off (which means password protected; another password to remember…).

I’m torn between thinking this is a useful patent or just a spurious one. I suppose if you are giving your 8-year old a cell phone, it might come in handy. Perhaps not so much for my 13-year old daughter. I’ll have to mull that one over a bit.

Perhaps a better patent might be one that restricts texting during driving…

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  • How would they stop texting while driving?

    Sure they could use the gps and detect you while moving fast, but that doesn’t mean you are driving. There really is no way to stop that πŸ˜›

  • irina

    I’m assuming this will not check for nudity in picture texts. No software can replace a good old fashioned sit-down conversation with your kid about ruining their social life by being a ho.

    When has censorship ever really worked? Just teach kids that sending pictures of themselves naked via text message will come around to bite them in the ass. And it also constitutes as being in possession of child pornography. I saw that somewhere, where a kid was busted for possession of child pornography because his girlfriend sent him nudie pics and they were both underage. They need to learn that there are consequences to their activities. The best thing is to teach them that by explaining not limiting their abilities.

    Or just don’t buy your kid a phone. They can buy one for themselves when they’re old enough to work and make enough money to buy one.

    And is it that parents don’t want to know their kids are sexual beings? Blocking “sexts” sounds about as productive as abstinence-only sex education.

  • Anonymous

    8 year olds with iphones great :P….preventing texting while driving would have to disable the sending of texts that would mean speech to text apps wouldnt work, also if it were to judge if you’re “driving
    based on how fast you’re going (via gps), that would cause problems for someone who wants to text while a passenger of a vehicle. also, you could simply turn off all gps functions to apps and bypass it πŸ˜›

  • I think a lot of work is needed to be done on this.