Chuck Norris Can Fix iPhone 4 Antenna Issues [video]


I would say this video falls under humor, but the very fact that the iPhone 4 in the video receives full signal with Norris’ presence is just amazing.

As many know, Chuck Norris is THE man and he is a man of many talents. Norris can hear phones ring on silent. He can slam revolving doors. He has also counted to infinity…twice!

So it should come as no surprise that he is the one who can fix the iPhone 4 antenna issue. Just throw down a photo of Chuck Norris and your iPhone 4 antenna woes are gone!

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  • visco

    Chuck norris can beat the entire super mario bros game, without using the jump button

  • Kaitlyn

    When Chuck Norris goes in the water, he doesn’t get wet. The water gets Chuck Norris’d.

  • Anonymous

    lmfao, that’s awesome

  • mike

    Chuck is da man…

  • Sushii

    I’ll spoil the fun. GSM/3G Network Jammer.

  • Terry

    That is so cool! Awesome video!

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    lol.. lol…

    Chuck Norris doesn’t fly through the air; the air moves out of Chuck Norris’s way..

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA 10 Thumbs up for finding this vid!

  • counting apples
  • Jreid2375

    thanks for putting a smile on my face! Good find!

  • $h3r0y

    When the boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

  • Amit Sansoya

    I was driving thru Texas when my car ran out of gas. Luckily chuck Norris was passing thru. He pissed in my gas tank and I haven’t filled up since…that was 17 years ago!

  • Joma309

    I can’t play YouTube videos on my iPhone 4, iOS 4.1. Videos play fine from the YouTube app but all embedded videos have the crossed out play button. Any ideas??

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  • Gnome992

    Hahah, awesome. I’m sure he had a cell phone booster that he flipped on and off when he put the picture down.

  • Stringer

    Maybe try placing a picture of Chuck Norris next to it.

  • Stringer

    BEST POST EVER!!!!!!

  • iP4Crazy

    Chuck Norris won’t blend!

  • Anon

    Really??? You think????

  • Luke

    Chuck Norris may be a man of many talents but to this day he still checks under his bed for Bruce Lee