iOS 4.2.6 Released for the Verizon iPhone


Looks like Apple is gearing up for the Verizon iPhone by releasing iOS 4.2.6, Build 8E200 to developers. Verizon users in the US will soon be excited to use the iPhone 4 on their network.

The notable feature that debuted on iOS 4.2.5, was the announcement of Personal Hotspot. Rogers has already mentioned they would support this feature if it becomes available for iPhones in Canada. There has been no mention of pricing.

In regards to jailbreaking the Verizon firmware, MuscleNerd has tweeted the keys to this firmware, asking people to share what they can find.

If you want to go crazy and try installing iOS 4.2.6 onto your non-Verizon iPhone, you can so do here.



  • Xavier

    Why are you guys posting this ? This is supposed to be a canadian blog, with canadian content. I couldn’t care less about Verizon news, and I’m sure I’m not the only one…

  • Ex

    Download the firmware and try to install it on your Canadian iPhone.

    Report back if it works!

  • Anonymous

    Lol Ex. Haha

  • How would i load this on my un-jailbroken iphone 4?

  • Auto Strada

    …and I’m sure some people could care less if you lost a nut.

    Gary will post what he wants to post.

  • Ex


  • Mohammed

    Connect to iTunes

  • Every time I hear new releases of gadgets or applications or anything related to gadgets I get so excited and I cannot help but appreciate the people behind the innovation and thank them for all the wonderful things they are creating.

  • erth

    can someone explain to us how bell/rogers has the ability to not allow an iphone from using hot spot? isn’t the hot spot functionality on the iphone and not on their network? we have a ios version that allows this to work, are they getting apple to change their version to not allow this for just canadian phones???
    i do not understand how they could do this, please explain in get detail.

  • mike

    is this for developers only?

  • mike

    Maybe the canadian iphones can install it.