iPhone 4S Priced at $649 Unlocked For Canada, Pre-Order October 7th


Apple has posted its unlocked pricing for the iPhone 4S for Canada on its website. The price is at $649 unlocked for the 16GB model, with orders to take place October 7th.

The October 14th launch will take place at 8AM outside all Apple Retail Stores.


  • Make sure to let us know when Rogers posts regarding the “early adopters” price. I’ll definitely get one if I get it for $169 with an extended contract signed.

  • Josephine

    Whatever happened to the contest you guys had a few weeks back where everyone who correctly guessed the new iPhone’s launch date would win a prize (I forget what it was)? And did you ever announce the winner of the BookBook iPhone 4 case contest (

  • Mississauga_Canary

    There will be no early adopters price from Rogers anymore. Everyone who upgraded to the 4 and got it on launch day will be paying a minimum of $500 plus tax for 16GB $600 for 32GB or $700 for 64GB….if you want it buy it unlocked from Apple…..

  • JformK

    Hahahaaa..   Your mom does webcam porn!

  • JformK

    So not only did the price of the phones drop.  So did apple stock value.

  • Brad17

    major disappointment with this one. although im not too surprised, gary did say people with high hopes should expect to be disappointed. i just want the 5 already(well i guess the next one will be iphone 6). I’ll still probably buy it, but god damnit android looks pretty sweet right now -.-

  • Tournesol2000

    I do not know why so many people are disappointed. Its a great phone! Apple have historically made major changes every 2 years. I am happy with the changes and feel better knowing that my 1 year Iphone4 is still in good shape and I am not really missing anything!

  • orangegtp

    I think Rogers has done away with the early upgrade for early adopters when they introduced the early HUP fee, I could be wrong but that’s what i understand.

  • Anonymous

    …and so did virtually every other stock today. INCLUDING Google.

  • what is the price for other models?

  • Anonymous

    What was disappointing about it for you?

  • Anonymous

    Really they didn’t even fix the flaw in the antenna!!!

  • Rob H.

    I’m disappointed by the lack of a larger screen size. A processor bump and a better camera are not enough to get me to upgrade from the iPhone 4. Siri is fun to goof around with, but ultimately useless. Trying to voice control your phone in a noisy environment is never going to work well and I sure as heck ain’t gonna press & hold the lone button for 2 seconds every time I want to control something!

    All of the useful features are in the OS and all of us iPhone 4 owners will be getting iOS 5 anyway.

    I really wanted to upgrade. I wanted a larger screen and a fresh battery. But there’s just nothing about the iPhone 4S to really make it worth while. And that’s a major disappointment.

    Oh well, here’s hoping the iPad 3 will have the higher resolution screen that I’m waiting for!

  • wuju

    Has the Antenagate problem been solved?

  • VPrime

    Yes they did. It now has 2 different antenas and switches between them based on your signal

  • wuju

    I thought it was between GSM and CDMA but that does not make sense…

  • Afa

    not so. I upgraded to the 4 and only paid 199 with rogers and simply extended my existing contract. 

  • Anonymous

    I was disappointed with the lack of larger screen too, but my gut tells me it will come eventually. I think you might be writing off Siri a little too quickly however. I think it will be more useful then you think! Can’t wait to test it out for myself! (IF it is available in Canada…

  • Mississauga_Canary

    You were either 30 months into your contract thus making you eligible for the HUP or you upgraded like the rest of us to the 4 when Robbers, errr sorry, Rogers had the old system in place.

  • ?Dennis

    That’s what I’m excited about, iPad 3. Bring on retina display. I have yet to get one and have been holding out for the better screen.

  • Accordtr

    Not necessarily true, they have allowed early upgrades for people with iPhones way before they were due. They offered special cases for the 3G to the 3GS, then to the 4, I know because I did it. Right now you’ll just have to wait to see what/if they offer something. Last year everyone said no way they would and then they did.

  • Mississauga_Canary

    I also know this because I done it to. They were quite explicit on the article regarding the new HUP that this includes ALL phones including the iPhone. Don’t hold your breath for a deal.

  • Jeff

    No reply to this yet, iPhoneinCanada?

  • Winner coming this week.

  • Steph_russette

    I talked to a Rogers representative and was told they still allow early adopters but now there is a fee of up to $180 plus the cost of the phone on a 3 year term

  • Jay

    Does anyone know if you can preorder an unlocked iPhone on the 7th and have them ship it to an address in the us?

  • Since this is an international GSM/CDMA phone. Will it work on mobilicity?