White iPhone 4 Teardowns Reveal Modified Camera Lens & Proximity Sensor


It was generally accepted that the only real difference, aside from the thickness issue, between the white iPhone 4 and black iPhone 4 was the color. However a teardown of the white device reveals a modified camera lens and proximity sensor.

As noted by Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara, a white iPhone 4 teardown reveals that Apple has changed both the camera lens and proximity sensor on the white model.

Looking at photo comparisons of the white and black iPhone 4 shows that the rear-facing camera lens on the white iPhone 4 has been set farther back than the black model. Another photo shows that the internal proximity sensor on the white iPhone 4 model has also been changed.



Do these changes make the white iPhone 4 a better device? What do you think?

[MacOtakara via AppleInsider]


  • I don’t think this is a surprise. It was widely speculated that there were issues with the camera and sensors on the original white iPhone 4, and that’s why it wasn’t released. Maybe these small changes allowed them to finally release the it?

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  • Drocass

    How do we know that the newest black models to hit the shelves also have some of these changes? But people are only focused on the white to notice. Just a thought.

  • the second pic doesn’t show the caparison with the black iP4?. And i agree with below, new black ones could have the same sensor and or camera as well. The pulled back camera makes sense if the white color was causing light capture issues.