WSJ: Verizon CDMA iPhone Coming January 11th


We’re lucky to have the iPhone offered from three carriers in Canada. Down the US, AT&T has had an exclusive on iPhone sales but that is coming to an end. The Verizon CDMA iPhone rumour is a reality.

According to the WSJ, Verizon will offer a CDMA version of the iPhone with an announcement coming on Tuesday, January 11th. Just imagine how many more iPhones will be sold. Now our friends from the US can enjoy the iPhone on another network, possibly one with better reception compared to AT&T.

The announcement will take place in New York. Will Steve Jobs be attendance? We’ll find out.



  • Anonymous

    Would this “verizon iPhone” have antenna issues as well, or will be fixed?.

  • Typo — should be Jan 11, not Feb 11

  • alex

    Feel free to edit your blog before posting.

    Now has apple actually given info about this phone to the wsj or are these more speculations?

  • Ffeyy

    Actually, the iPhone is offered by a 4th carrier in Canada if you count TBayTel in Northwestern Ontario. It is through a deal with Rogers, but the SIM and contract are to TBayTel and it is TBayTel’s own 3G network.

  • it wont, because even it it does no one will notice on the better network just like here.

  • Robitaille Hugo

    will it be compatible with bell/telus CDMA network ?

  • Guest

    How well served will our CDMA Verizon friends be when they come to Canada or elsewhere in the world. Seems to me that US and Japan are the only major countries that have carriers that use CDMA for mobile phones. And clearly Bell and Telus will phase CDMA out in the next 2 to 5 years. Just like all analogue cell phones and towers have been replaced with digital mobile phones in the last decade.

  • I agree, but if they use R-UIM cards they really dont have to make a cdma phone, or it will at least be compatible with gsm networks. Seriously I don’t see apple not making it compatible with the rest of the world. Also china has CDMA as well.

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Thats great news for our American friends. I wonder how this will relate to Canadian carriers? Interesting stuff.