Apple Music Event Scheduled For September 1


Today Apple announced that it will be hosting its annual music event on September 1, 2010 in San Francisco.

The event begins at 10AM PST and is being held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The event is rumored to reveal a new $99 AppleTV, $0.99 TV show rentals, and a new iPod touch featuring both a front and back camera that will be FaceTime compatible with iPhone 4.

What do you think will be released?


  • No rumours about iTunes 10 (or X). It is screaming for Cocoa rewrite and 64-bit.

  • SF

    I still think that the new ipod touch will not have a rear camera. Apple would definitely want to keep some features unique to the iPhone and keep a fine line between iPod Touches and iPhones.
    Plus, could someone guesstimate what the price of the basic ipod touch (8GB) going to be if they put a camera in? Are they going to start of at $219 (current price) or go back to $300 like when they released the first gen?

  • Ruffdeezy

    Too bad Gizmodo got the shaft again

    Hopefully they give details about the white iPhone 4.

  • finally we will get to see the white iphone 4’s

  • BM

    Probably right about the camera. Frankly I would like them to release a replica of the iphone 4, but without calling features (as it is not a phone).

  • Half_Pint

    New iPod Touch that looks like a slim iPhone 4.

  • Would love to hear about iOS 4 for iPad….. Would be nice to hear from iLife 11 too

  • The basic 8GB iPod Touch is currently a 2nd gen model while the 32 & 64 GB models are true 3rd gen models. Apple is usually very good at keeping the same price points when introducing new models that replace the old ones.

    Steve Jobs has stated that we will see many more iOS devices with FaceTime, so hopefully they include cameras.

    Personally, a Touch with a rear facing camera capable of photos and video would be a killer device for me. And if the iPhone4 hunt continues too long perhaps I will save $30 a month for data and but it instead.

  • Boyaka


  • bekk45

    would i be better off keeping my 3gs, and getting an ipad instead of getting an iphone 4? i upgraded last year and i dont think its worth it to get an early upgrade, i use my phone mostly for internet and the 4 doesnt look like it offers too much more, face time blah blah who cares. email me please!