Fifth Generation iPod Touch To Feature Capacitive Home Button, iPhone 5 Too?

Today, images of the purported fifth generation iPod Touch prototype have been floating around the web. The upcoming device seems to feature a 128 GB storage capacity but more interestingly, a capactive home button.

Recently, there has been rumours circulating about Apple releasing an iPad or iPhone without a home button. While at first thought that seems like a bad move, Apple could be moving to a capacitive home button instead. This way, users simply tap the home button instead of pushing it.

With the fifth generation iPod Touch possibly seeing a capacitive home button, the new feature could be revealed on the upcoming iPhone 5 first.

Like past iOS device prototypes, this iPod has the marking of DVT-1 on the back, meaning the device is in prototype status. However, the origins of the photos are unknown, as is the legitimacy.

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  • Ryan

    This seems like such a bad idea especially with so many games requiring you to hold the phone in the landscape position.

  • I don’t think this will happen – the home button is used also for “hard reboots” (if the iphone crashes), and also
    for putting the iphone in DFU mode…

  • Personally I would like to remove that whole part of the iphone all together making it shorter and having finger gestures as the home button such as “4 finger swipe down to close, up to bring up bottom multitask bar”
    Removing this button would also make it harder to jailbreak, removing the known method of putting the iPhone in to DFU mode forcing you to use iTunes to Restore or take it to the Apple store for Service.

    Most standard users dont even know about DFU mode nor will ever use it. DFU seems to be for us Jailbreaks in most cases. So I could see that being a real option in the future.

  • Anonymous

    I like this idea much more than the rumour about eliminating the home button altogether.

  • Anonymous

    I like this idea much more than the rumour about eliminating the home button altogether.