iPhone 4 vs iPod Touch 4 HD Video Comparison


The new fourth generation iPod Touch debuted with the Retina Display and 720p video recording capabilities. The iPod Touch is like an iPhone without the phone, GPS, and 5mp camera. Obviously Apple could not include all of those features and keep pricing the same for the iPod Touch line up. That’s wishful thinking.

The blog has just posted some comparison videos of the iPhone 4 versus the latest iPod Touch. The first video shows the differences between the two displays. The iPhone 4 display includes IPS (in-plane switching) which allows for better viewing angles. The iPod Touch is amazingly thin though sitting next to its big brother, the iPhone 4:

In the second video, there’s a side by side comparison of 720p footage shot by both devices. Here’s what I noticed:
– the iPod Touch has darker hues
– the iPod Touch seems to have a wider angle
– the iPhone 4 colors appear more vivid; a bit overexposed at certain times
– video stability is an issue with both devices; the iPhone 4 seems jerkier

Take a look for yourself:

Anyone out there with the new iPod Touch? How do you like it so far?



  • Omac

    I agree, the 4 does seem shakier but possibly this is how it is held/mounted? Also the touch appears to have a nicer picture in my opinion, I wonder why that would be? Excellent wrk with the new touch!!

  • Jess

    I think the reason the iPhone seems jerkier is probably the way it was held due to size. It seems zoomed in compared the to Touch though, and I’m wondering why that is. My mom bought the new touch, and although I like it, I find it’s almost too thin. I prefer my iPhone over it by quite a bit. Sadly though, the video on it seems better colours/quality.

  • Guest

    The video on the ip4 looks pretty jerky when panning. Also, the colour and contrast looks washed out. I don’t know why you are getting that because I tested the video recording on my ip4 and it looks stunning (both colour/clarity and smoothness).

  • Zirak

    iPod Touch 4th Generation also lacks the wide viewing angle the iPhone 4 as. (If you view it through the side you’ll see it fade into blue, it appears completely clear on the iPhone 4)

  • Luis

    I think the labels on the video are swapped. The iPod Touch’s lens has a narrower field of view (44mm equivalent) than the iPhone 4 (28mm equivalent). If taken from the same spot, the one that appears closer is the iPod Touch.

  • Igzabier

    there’s some bad info going around then, cause this story all over ‘net, can authors fact check this please?

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  • Fasldfkj

    Thats really weird if this comparison is not wrong the ipod touch looks much sharper, better colors and less shaky but for some reason I think the labels might have been swapped because I know my iphone takes better video than that. especially outside with lots of light.

  • Whatever95

    I have an iPod Touch 4 and while it’s not as good as a real camera, it’s still amazing considering the size of the unit!

  • Gronk

    I’ve been using the iPod Touch 4g for about 3 weeks now.

    I’ve compared it with friends iPhone 4’s and in real usage, the IPS screen doesn’t seem to matter as much unless you are sharing the screen with friends looking over your shoulder. The omni directional microphone seems to work fine, even with Face Time and Skype.

    The video does look better on the Touch for some reason, but I’m thinking its probably a firmware tweaking of the contrast and sharpening of the images. Maybe the iPhone 4 will get the same treatment in a future update? The stills are crap when compared to a real digital point and shoot camera, but what was expected for a less than 1mp camera?