New 5th Gen iPod Touch Unboxed, Benchmarked [Video]


Japanese blog Makotakara has gotten their hands on the latest 5th generation iPod touch and has performed an unboxing video along with some early benchmarks. Within the unboxing video, you’ll see the iPod touch unit itself, the new Lightning connector cable and the new EarPods (which do not come with a microphone like the iPhone version). Check it out below:

As for benchmarks performed with GeekbenchMakotakara reveals the dual-core A5 processor seen in the iPhone 4S running at 800MHz and 512MB of memory, with battery capacity the same as before at 930mAh:


Geekbench tests reveal performance at 1.6 times that of the 4th gen iPod touch and similar performance as the iPhone 4S:

As for graphics benchmarks using GL Benchmark 2.1, the results seen below show 5-6 times better performance compared to the 4th gen iPod touch.

Anyone receive their new iPod touch units yet?


  • I went to the Apple store yesterday and they didn’t have it yet.
    should I go again today?

  • Kirk

    Must looks nice…aww apple’s going to make me broke! Lol

  • MG Stevens

    I did a pre-order a day or two after the release and just yesterday got confirmation of the billing and a “suggestion” that the shipping, from California, was underway. No confirmation of shipping or tracking info yet.

  • Doesn’t look like they have hit stores yet. Even resellers such as FS/BB don’t show them in stock.