New iPod Touch Has Vibration Feature


When Apple announced the new iPod touch last week, we all saw the iPod touch creep closer to the capabilities of the iPhone.

Of course the iPod touch cannot make calls, has no GPS, has a less quality camera, and lacks other features that distinguishes it from the iPhone, but this week a new feature of the iPod touch has been revealed.

A mostly undocumented feature, the new iPod touch seems to have the capability to vibrate like the iPhone. It would seem that the vibration feature is geared toward an accessibility feature for users with hearing disabilities such as when alerts arrive or during incoming FaceTime calls.

Apple themselves are marketing FaceTime as the best way to make a phone call using sign language and by adding a vibrating feature to the iPod touch, this could help users will hearing disabilities when a call is incoming.

At this time, there is no confirmation if the vibration feature of the new iPod touch can be used in games and other applications like on the iPhone, but when the device gets into peoples hands, we will find out.



  • Charles-CC


  • Anonymous

    cool, but iphone 4 is still sooo mucchhh better!!!

  • Jbohn

    I’d like to know who is holding the iPod for the 2 guys using sign language. They are obviously using their 2 hands to communicate.

  • Anonymous


  • Nick

    Why do you say the camera is lesser quality? On the apple site it says it does HD video recording. Isn’t it the same camera as the iPhone?

  • Anonymous

    NO! The iPod touch 4th gen has a camera capable of taking pics at a resolution of only 960×640, retina quality.
    Put that into megapixels then that is 0.69! However it does have HD 720p recording which is 1280×720 resolution, and that works out to 0.92 megapixels.

    This could mean that the iPod touch 4th gen has a 0.92mp sensor and just chopping the sides of the still image down to 960×640, or if the sensor is only 960×640 and upscaling it to 1280×720..

    But to put this in comparison the first iPhone and the 3G had a 2mp camera. The camera on the iPod touch 4th gen would be lower than that. But with things like tap to focus and HDR, the quality could be better than what you remember in your 2G and 3G iPhones.

    I suppose we will see this week on when it starts arriving in stores and in the hands of consumers.

  • Hockey_fan_habs

    So to sum your text the iPod Touch 4 will have a 0.69 MP picture resolution and a 0.92 MP video recording?
    Compare to the iPhone 4G with his 5mp, it is brazening low.

  • Anonymous

    960×640? That’s wild. Is it reasonable to assume that Apple has crippled the camera to make the iPhone more attractive? If it’s capable of 720p video, I would’ve guessed they have the same camera, but crippled by software or something.

  • Sam

    i just know when i can buy new ipod touch at apple store not online store.