Absinthe v0.2 Mac Update Fixes No Reboot After Activating VPN and White Icons


Absinthe v0.2 has been released by the the iOS ‘Dream Team’. This is the third update to the original Absinthe that will jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

This new update addresses the following, as noted by @planetbeing:

v0.2: Tries to fix no reboot after activating VPN/tapping Absinthe icon. We also tried to fix white icons on SpringBoard after jb.

He also goes onto mention why Absinthe can take a while to jailbreak:

The jailbreak partially relies on making backups. If you have 5 GB of app data, don’t be surprised it takes long to transfer 15 GB of data.

Should you re-jailbreak with this updated version of Absinthe for Mac if the first time was successful? @planetbeing says no.

Users had issues yesterday with Absinthe for Mac as activating the VPN would not force an automatic reboot. Also, users had reported of seeing white icons after the jailbreak. This version should alleviate those issues you might have experienced.

Click here to download Absinthe v0.2 for Mac (the Windows version is here)

Let us know how it works for you!


  • Nick

    What about if you occasionally have white icons, but everything else works fine?

  • I’d try to re-jailbreak using v0.2 of Absinthe.

  • Nick

    And that won’t screw it up somehow since Cydia is already there?  Or by re-jailbreak does that mean restore with iTunes and do the whole thing over again?
    By the way, there was an update of iTunes yesterday as well… I didn’t download it yet thinking it was a little suspicious that it came out on Jailbreak day.  You usually post ‘don’t update yet if you jailbreak’ when a new iTunes comes out.

  • Kraken

    There is no problem with updating iTunes, in fact it’s recommended.  Just don’t update to firmware 5.1 when that comes out.

  • iPhone 4s

    After jailbreaking VPN doesn’t conect, why ?

    & sometimes some icone become white !!
    plz help me …

  • Oalatir0405

    what if you have the occasional white box? should I re-jailbreak again my iPad 2?

  • Joeboi2008

    hey my iphone doesnt reboot after i jailbroke it..shows apple logo then loading sign then freezes plz help.

  • Joeboi2008

    jailbreak works fine until i attempt to reboot

  • Bruce Bice

    Turn off pass code worked for me

  • scott

    i jail broke my ipad and i think it crashed on me, it wont let me get into my settings, does anyone know how i can reboot it or change it, it wont let me sync to itunes also