Apple Stores Block On In-Store iDevices


When for iOS 3.2 and higher devices was released, users were amazed at how fast and easy it was to jailbreak your iDevice. jailbreaks a users device using only the internet and mobile Safari, with no computer required.

So with a jailbreak that easy, the next thing to do is to jailbreak all of the iDevices at your local Apple Store, right? RIGHT! That is exactly what happened.

Soon after the launch of, Apple Store iDevice display units were being jailbroken all across North America, with some users even filming the deed! Well, you know Apple would not stand this for long.

Earlier today, Twitter users began reporting that Apple had in fact blocked the website from being accessed on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad units located inside of an Apple Store. When navigating to, users are now forwarded back to Apple’s homepage!

I guess it was fun while it lasted!



  • Lovewell88

    Jailbreaking and hacking is always rampant in tech devices as it can give the user more freedom and overcome the restrictions set by the manufacture (customization). Such as versions of paid applications are available for free download from special programs that can be installed on a jailbroken device, what’s more, not only for free apps but for more cool apps – the kinds Apple doesn’t approve of.
    To apple, jailbreaking makes users can download and install applications from outside its sanctioned App Store, which of course make apple will have a certain interest losses, violate its rule, then Fight Back are no doubt.
    But, from the user’s point of view, as the iPhone is far from flawless as Apple created it, thousands of iPhone users have flocked to Jailbreak so as to solve all of the problems.
    For more jialbreak/hack reason:
    Since copyright Office of the U.S. Library of Congress now makes it legal for users to jailbreak their iPhone in the US. I think Apple maybe need to do some change.

  • What timing ,,,, Iphone 4 released ,, Jailbreakin go's legit , New Iphone 4 on display … New jailbreak gets released .. kids have in the Stores ,, what a summer

  • DaMan05

    Has anyone tried it over 3G? Just to rule out that they're just blocking it through the Apple Store WiFi's DNS…

  • Rai

    what the F are u smokin' bro, seriously?
    gimme some of that

  • n!MA

    It's either the DNS or a firewall (the former is pretty stupid since you can use the ip address).

  • Tired_

    “I guess it was fun while it lasted!”

    If, by “fun”, you mean “breaking devices that don't belong to you”, then I guess it was fun. I'm all for jailbreaking, but only on my own devices. This kind of activity doesn't reflect well on jailbreaking and jailbreakers…it's petty and juvenile.

  • Kairu

    A proxy could easily be set up to allow users to visit through an alternate domain name….

  • Half_Pint

    I wonder if Future Shop and Best Buy are as vigilant.

  • Mrmozart

    Apple's block of jailbreakMe is the exact step of blocking BlackBerry messenger in some of the countries. Apple cares about money while other countries care about their security. Well I have already bought the iphone so I am free to do whatever I want with it…


  • Sam

    Apple does respect the choice of jailbreaking our phones (they have to, by law now). This post was about customers jailbreaking the Apple Stores' iPhones,

    Respect goes both ways.

  • beavisaur

    this must be the “fix” that apple said they had for the new jailbreak

  • Mrmozart

    Then why apple blocked the website? and what do u mean by Apple Store's Iphones? do u mean like stores who sell Iphones?

  • Tom

    LOL here's an idea… read the article before commenting

  • iphoneincanada

    All you need to do is download MyWi from Cydia onto your own personal iPhone, tether your internet connection to a specific iPhone device(s) in the Apple Store creating your own “hot spot” and download using that connection.

    Simple made EASY!!!

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  • It was very funny while it lasted. But this going public, and for apple to put a patch on this you know they probably have been instructed to keep a closer eye on their products. think your having fun. all of a sudden 2 Apple guys tap you on the shoulder, asking your to leave in front of everyone. I would be embarrassed considering there is always 20+ people at any given time lol

  • Chrome262

    when i was drooling over the in store Iphone 4's because there were non left, i did notice a couple were on the Jailbreak me site. one was in the process of downloading. Of course i was just interested in the other features so i just switched to the camera. Man does the phone switch apps fast. at the time i thought it was funny and me and my buddy checked out the other devices in the shop. we found 4 more, including and ipad. only one looked jail broken.

  • Mrmozart

    ok I got the point now. TY

  • So go to the website on the 3g connection…. they can't block it unless you're connected to their wireless network.

  • How? I don't think apple pays for data plans on the demos lol

  • Noahattic

    i am just curious that if those jail broken demo iphone 4 at store void their warranties?

  • If they forgot to restore them yes

  • Rustyrail60

    NOT IN CANADA.I don't think Apple Ltd knows where the country Canada is located. Apple has not blocked the jail brake in Canada as I did my ipod today Aug 7.While at a Best Buy I checked there iphone 4,sure enough I watched and helped this guy jail brake and up iphone 4.When I knew that I rushed home and did my iphone 3GS OS 4.01 and ipod 2g to the OS 4.0.
    All is working good.
    Rusty in Canada

  • They meant the phones at the apple store ^_~ not other retailers. Apple placed a block inside their wireless network at the apple stores

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  • Oh god…

  • Doubtful.

  • I bet it's DNS.

  • Fuckyoubitches

    Wow idiots, it's called MyWi… Use your own wifi noobs

  • “Idiots” “Noobs” he says… User iphoneincanada already posted about that MyWi was an option with out being ignorant. Thanks for the double post though. read a little before you post ok? stay in school ^_~

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