BOOM! The iPhone 5 Has Been Jailbroken [PHOTO]


Just moments ago, Grant Paul, (@chpwn) has tweeted a photo showing his jailbroken iPhone 5’s screen with Cydia icon on it. The image is clearly taken from the new taller iPhone with 1136 x 640 resolution. Check it out!

(Click image to enlarge)

Here’s the tweet:

He further confirmed his successful iPhone 5 jailbreak to famous iOS hacker and jailbreaker @i0n1c in another tweet as well. We’ll update you as we get more details regarding an ETA on the public release of iPhone 5 jailbreak, tethered / untethered status and more. Stay tuned folks!


  • naught fanboy

    well obviously, what’s an iphone without jailbreak?

    someone who picked up the iphone 5 today

  • Ducker

    Excited to see the new JB on its way! Had my iP5 home for 3 hours, still admiring it in its cello wrap!!

  • Steve

    Hahah I’ve been saying the same thing, glad I won’t have to go to long without a jailbreak

  • LIKE

  • draz

    Can’t wait!

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Ooooooo………awesome. Now I can’t wait for my iphone. I’ll be sure to open it in the store and check for damage to it though as alot of posters seem to be having quality control issues with their new units. Plus this way the store can’t say I did it.

  • thank you oh dedicated Hackers…

  • waiting on mine, it would be nice to have my intelliscreenX miss, but the new features are worth it for a short time.