Evasi0n 1.1 Download Released with Bug Fixes


Just two days after the public release of evasi0n 1.0, the @evad3rs jailbreak team has released evasion 1.1 for download to address numerous bug fixes. Users had reported dealing with issues such as time zone errors, a crashing weather app and long reboots. @Planetbeing noted everything within evasi0n 1.1 is already in Cydia and if you’re already jailbroken you do not need to download it again.

If you’re having lots of issues with your jailbreak, your best bet would be to do a fresh iOS 6.1 restore in iTunes then try again with evasi0n 1.1. Let us know how it works for you. Don’t forget to check out our full video tutorial on how to jailbreak with evasi0n.

Download links: Mac, Windows, Linux


  • Biggy604

    Still not worth it for people with an iPhone 4 preserving the baseband at 1.59.00 as ultrasn0w (yes the new 1.2.8 one) does not work. You will forever be in a No Service/One Bar loop, and sometimes “No Sim”. Even if your using the Default Sim (for carrier locked iphones).

  • Very dissapointed I have an Iphone 4 and I thought having this jailbreak would help me to unlock my phone locked to Bell, now I have to sing another 3 years contrat with another service provider, if there is any help out there to point in the right direction, would be highly appreciated.

  • Djelimon17

    Sell it on kajiji or eBay and jump ship. You get more for it if jailbroken, or at least I’ve seen people use it as a selling point

  • yoman

    I had used the jailbreak tool to get to 6.1 successfully. However, I am seeing an update badge for Settings marked with “1”. What does this mean? I’m already on the latest version.

  • Anon

    Actually, the majority of people buying iPhones don’t want it Jailbroken – so it’s best not to advertise it as such if you are selling. You’ll sell it a lot quicker wth stock firmware. At least that’s my experience, selling my previous iPhones.

  • Actually that’s wrong. But people will believe its unlocked. You can just restore and remove the JB. No big deal

  • You can still update And preserve basebands. Redsnow should work for that. They even mention it on their blog but follow instructions. There is a new ultra snow to unlock

  • Update fixed all my issues JB perfect now.