GreenPois0n Absinthe 0.1.2-2 Update Released to Jailbreak your iPhone 4S


Update 1: Absinthe v0.2 has been released. Download it here.

Pod2g has just notified the world that an update has been released to GreenPois0n Absinthe just now. Version 0.1.2-2 is a new build that will point the Absinthe web clip to rather than the absinthe dedicated page, notes @pod2g. He says this will handle the world load better.

Download the new version here (Mac OS X):

If you’ve been running into the ‘Error establishing a database connection’, try out this new version.

Note: @pod2g pasted the link to the old file, but I changed it to 0.1.2-2.


  • I accidentally deleted my Web clip for Absinthe, in a fit of troubleshooting the “connection failed” errors of earlier this afternoon. Re-running the Absinthe application doesn’t fill it back in on my iPhone. I was hoping that using Safari to get to greenpois0n would jumpstart the restart process (VPN isn’t making my phone restart), but haven’t had any luck getting my phone to restart. How can I finish up the jailbreak process? The long part of the Absinthe jailbreak install went fine. Thanks!

  • Wuju007

    When to click the jailbreak icon but it timed out. Is the server down due to overwhelming traffic?

  • Djgold01

    This sux shoulda made this release for both OS instead of just Mac so unfare I knw Mac users r ganna say stop bitching & wait but I bet if it was windows they would bitch cause just one OS release they know they shoulda released both @ the same time this is bullshit how much longer do windows users have to wait

  • All jailbreaks have always been Mac OS X first.

    We should try to remain patient considering all this incredible work is free.

  • Hadley_dustin

    After Jailbreak Icon also times out help please

  • theomega

    why can’t  i click on the jailbreak button next to the loading bar , the button stays grey 

  • Weebsurfer

    And let the Mac folks enjoy their dibs. And ironing out the bugs before the rest of us get it. :). Thanks dev team and the mass of beta testers. 😉

  • wellshoot

    it wont open on my macbook after i download it.. any ideas?

  • Afro0831

    anyone having trouble finding the absinthe icon

  • Does it show up when you search for it?

  • Cjlee9

    With all the issues of this jb I’ll wait till the Corona A5 jb comes out.

  • Anh

    For those of you who doesn’t have MAC, you can download OSX 10.6.4 for VMWare.
    I have successfully jailbroken my nephew’s iPad2 by using that OSX under VMware.
    Once you update to 5.0.1 and connect iPad to VM, Absinthe will be able to detect and run without a problem.

  • Mzselim

    does it unlock 4.08.11?

  • Djelimon17


  • Djelimon17

    Connect your device? Use stock USB?

  • Dan

    hey DJGOLD01 it don’t matter if this was released on mac or windows cuz mac users can do both. So nah we mac users wouldn’t be b****ing only you windows users will be…