Gremlin, Celeste & YourTube Beta Versions For iOS 5 Released, Here’s How To Install Them


A lot of people have been cursing CocoaNuts, the developers of some of the best Cydia tweaks including Gremlin, Celeste & YourTube / YourTube HD for not releasing iOS 5 compatible updates, especially the customers of Celeste who paid a hefty $9.99 for quite a buggy tweak which once promised to be the ultimate bluetooth file transfer solution for iPhones, iPods and iPads. But now, the developers have finally got Gremlin working on iOS 5 which runs at the core of Celeste and YourTube tweaks and have pushed their first public betas for testing.

To try out a public beta, you need to be an existing customer of that tweak. To install, simply follow these steps (via FSM):

  1. Open Cydia and go to the “Manage” tab, then tap “Sources
  2. Tap Edit, then Add, you should get a dialog asking for a URL
  3. Enter this URL:
  4. Tap “Add Source” and wait for Cydia to refresh
  5. You should now see beta versions of Celeste, Gremlin, YourTube and YourTube HD

Do let us know how the betas are working for you!


  • Ultras_

    la repo mi esce vuota xk?

  • Hyperextension

    The repo is not working

  • Shlee_0506

    maybe it is ‘.com’
    not ‘.co’ 🙂

  • Cjdaddy_honey

    If u switch on celeste it says Celeste is not installed..u hv to installed via cydia

  • Andraeswart

    It does not work. I tried may things to make it work but it won’t work.

  • Bleiz187

    Beta works for me !!! Great work guys

  • Jd Sherwin

    Celeste and yourtube both work fine for me but they cant be installed at the same time because they need different beta versions of gremlin(Gremlin>=2.0h and GremlinOf) and they cant be installed at the same time. Still both great tweaks.

  • StephenLucey3

    It downloaded but had errors and when I open up the source there’s not any packages there?

  • Khubaib Pakistani

    re istall

  • kdoo

    nt working 

  • Rudik

    All works great!!! Thanks guys

  • Wailwolf

     ModMyi – repo

  • gj

    maybe you installed a free/unpaid app from another source than cocoanuts