iOS 4.3.3 Still Vulnerable to i0n1c’s Untether Exploit

Just like iOS 4.3.2, the latest release of iOS 4.3.3 is still vulnerable to i0n1c’s untether exploit. This was confirmed by @comex and @dpdesilva:

What does this mean? It means an untethered jailbreak will soon arrive for jailbreakers. Stay tuned as we hear from The iPhone Dev team on the status of updated PwnageTool/redsn0w jailbreak tools.

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  • Anonymous

    I guess Apple is giving the jailbreakers a break for a bit? I don’t mind though!

    iPad 2 is still lockdown (somewhat) from jailbreaks… 🙁

  • Drocass

    Yes it dose seem like it.
    It also makes me wonder…. If apple keeps playing cat and mouse with JBers by blocking/fixing all the exploits won’t the iOS eventually be loaded with a bunch of JB protection rather than usable OS?

    I don’t fully understand how they block JBs so I’m not sure if my question makes sense but it’s something that crossed my mind anyways

  • Woody13

    I’m new to jailbreaking. I just JB my iphone 4 with ios4.3.2 using Redsnow. When a JB is available from redsnow for 4.3.3, do I have to completely re-JB my phone, or is it just an update that i download and install???

  • MrAnonymous

    Update to 4.3.3 then run the 4.3.3 Jailbreak. That’s how it always works.

  • MrAnonymous

    They just close exploited holes in the code. It doesn’t effect the OS as far as performance.

  • Drocass

    Ahh, thanks for that insight 🙂