iOS Hackers Form New Team, the Evad3rs, Prior to iOS 6.1 Release



Just a few days ago @planetbeing explained the status of the iPhone 5 jailbreak and noted new exploits had been discovered, but a public release was still far away.

However, as the days went by @planetbeing along with @pimskeks and @pod2g kept on hinting the future of jailbreaking was “looking bright” based on further progress towards their iOS 6.1 jailbreak. @Pod2g even publicly asked Apple to quickly release iOS 6.1:

Today, it appears a whole new jailbreak team has been created consisting of @MuscleNerd @planetbeing @pimskeks and @pod2g, known as the @evad3rs:

Their twitter account is quickly amassing followers and the total will rise as news spreads of the new jailbreak team. Can you smell a new untethered iOS 6 jailbreak on the horizon? Evidence appears it could be coming soon.


  • bradg17

    I really hope so. This wait is brutal…….. I will be donating as soon as they get it figured out!

  • rage

    Hope it comes quick. the iPhone is useless without it.