[Jailbreak] Octopus Keyboard To Bring Blackberry 10 Style Keyboard To iPhone

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone and for one reason or another are wishing you had a Blackberry-style keyboard, you are in luck!

An upcoming tweak will bring a Blackberry 10 styled keyboard to your iPhone. The tweak is called “Octopus Keyboard” and will feature the similar gesture-based predictive typing found on RIM’s latest OS.

Take a look at the video for a walkthrough:

The tweak is still early in development but the current features are:

– Automatically learns new words as you type them
– Custom completion engine
– Should work for any input language with key input (English, French, Czech, Russian, etc.)

As the tweak develops, some future features are:

– Avoid learning mistakes
– Autocapitalize words in sentences
– Handle , . ! etc at the end of a sentence
– Better handling and display of longer words
– Compatibility with popular tweaks like SwipeSelection

So if you want a Blackberry-style keyboard for your iPhone, check out this tweak on May 20 in Cydia. Note that it is unknown at this time whether the tweak will be free or not.


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  • Dc

    blatant rip off. whats next apple will sue RIM for their own keyboard LOL.

  • FragilityG4

    I’m not sure what your point is … This is a jailbreak tweak thus no connection to Apple in the slightest.

  • Benoit Turcotte

    Thank you for the title format. Much better with subject at the beginning!!!  Thanks!!