MobileNotifier: iOS Notifications You’ve Been Waiting For [Jailbreak]


Let’s be honest: iOS notification are long overdue for improvement. Currently I use Boxcar, one of the best ways to keep track of my email and twitter notifications.

Now, there’s a hot tweak called MobileNotifier (beta 3 release) via Cydia that makes notifications unobtrusive and allows you to keep using existing apps. An elegant bar appears up top of your homescreen and with one tap you can choose to close or open the notification. Alerts will also appear on your lockscreen. When you double tap the Home button, you’ll see a list of your recent alerts via the AlertDashboard.

How to install MobileNotifier? Easy. Just add the following repository to Cydia:

Here’s what’s new in this new release:

– New alerts
– AlertDashboard
– Lockscreen View
– Full push notification support
– Completely reworked MNAlertManager, considerably more intelligent
– Time encoding support with each alert
– Numerous usability improvements
– Bug fixes relating to 3.x compatibility, alert display and other internal aspects of the utility
– and more! The commit log on GitHub is the best place to see all the iterative changes.

Here’s a great video review from JailbreakMovies:

Let me know how MobileNotifier works for you below. I think it’s one of the best notification interfaces I’ve seen so far, but Boxcar is still my favourite for seeing my alerts in one easy timeline.

[Peter Hajas via JailbreakMovies]


  • This right here is the first time I’ve ever considered jailbreaking my iPhone. I love the way it handles notifications and I hope Apple is taking note and implements something like this into the new notification system. If they can make the size of the bar on top a little smaller and less intrusive,maybe half that size, I’m sold.

  • Anonymous

    I think lockinfo, pop up blocker and bite sms well configired together are better…

  • JohnnyC

    The fact that it doesn’t shift focus or freeze the state of open apps is great, but I have to say that I dislike having to tap twice to discard a notification.

    Currently, if I’m playing a game, a notification pauses the game. One tap to ignore, and the game resumes.

    With MobileNotifier the game continues, despite the fact that the notification itself can disrupt user input. Let alone multie stacked notifications. So of I was in a driving game, I wool probably go off course, which is only exacerbated by the fact that it takes two well-aimed taps to remove the notification, instead of one.

    I think this design is nice, but it’s solutions only introduce more problems and highlight the obstacles in designing a seamless UI on a device that is meant to do so many different things.

  • JohnnyC

    Apologies for the bad iPhone typing. I think you can decipher what I meant.

    Tangent: Have you seen how the android tap&drag keyboard works? I’m jealous, but it’s not nearly enough to make me ditch the iPhone. Could use an improvement on the iOS keyboard though.

  • Dboisvert23

    Maybe nice but does not work on my Ipad

  • Dboisvert23

    Maybe nice but does not work on my Ipad

  • Dhasek_3910

    Doesn’t work very well if you have a password-protected lock screen as the notifier keeps chugging on higher and higher but you can’t remove the notifications (at least from what I’ve tried).

    Also notifications don’t get removed even if for example you end up opening the text message that was sent in a separate fashion (without going through the notifier)

    All in all, a good looking UI, but I’ll pass on it now and see what their next update brings.

  • Anonymous

    Nope. It’s still intrusive. Don’t like it. LockInfo is where it’s at. It allows you to pull down your LockInfo screen (called InfoShade) by pulling down from the status bar, just like Android. There you have whatever you like: Mail, Calendar, SMS and Push notifications. When I get a notification, my phone vibrates and there’s a notification icon on the status bar and I can pull it down whenever I want.
    This here is still a little intrusive.

  • Acecchetto

    The major issue that has caused me to uninstall it was no support for the text tones assigned to my contacts… it makes the same sound for all of them… If this had full iOS 4 support, it would be great. I realize it is in Beta 3, so I am hoping that it gets figured out and I can start using it again!

  • Wjw2web

    The alarm clock cannot be stopped after notification. I had to respring to stop the alarm.

    It is not done right.

  • Anonymous

    yup that was stupid. Uninstalled right away. The repo also caused Cydia problems too. After adding, I lost all my packages and sources inside cydia. Took me a couple hours to fix without restoring.

  • Jeremy

    Done Right my ass!!! I tried this for one day and it’s not that great.
    1. Doesn’t include custom SMS tones to contacts.
    2. Doesn’t pause while in games, very frustrating.
    3. I still get notifications from the apple iOS version and this version, which is weird?!?!?
    And lastly you need to push twice to get rid of the notification.


    What a arrogant developer in my opinion.

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  • Dm2006

    I installed mobilenotifier from insanelyi repo in cyidia, and whatsapp, twitter, facebook and few other apps couldnt open, the screen would flash everytime i tap on such apps and phone would return to SB. After i removed the mobilenotifier package i am still encountering these issues (doesnt happen with all apps luckily, i am able to use safari…). I already tried even rebooting the device, and nothing…

    Help! Somebody know what is happening and how this can be resolved?